• Shedding light on Seasonal Affective Disorder

    Nowadays we hear more and more about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and its recognition has given a scientific explanation for what we more commonly know as the 'winter blues'. And let's be honest, January can be a bleak month. Festive fun is a distant memory, days are short, the weather bites and New Year’s resolutions are becoming hard to stick to, so it's understandable that many of us feel down and lacklustre. And with the current cold snap set to last a while, the limited sunlight can take its toll on our energy levels and moods.   CLICK ON PHOTO FOR WAYS

  • Five foods to help you through the menopause

    It's the phase in life that all women come to dread. No-one looks forward to the menopause; the toll it can take on the body - not to mention the havoc it plays with your hormones - is no picnic, with symptoms ranging from hot flushes and headaches to weight increase and severe mood swings. The good news is that you can help alleviate some of these symptoms through nutrition. We have included a list of foods that you should try to include in your daily diet to help ease the way.     Soy Beans Soy Beans contain phytoestrogens, which are natural plant

  • From BB to CC creams: your new simple skin alphabet

    They were the revolutionary product of 2012 and this year Beauty Blemish balms are here to stay. BB creams are the answer to every busy working girl's makeup routine. Combining the qualities of an SPF, moisturiser, primer and cover-up, this magical little product can reduce your morning routine to simply a few minutes. Following huge success in the Asian market for their brightening and blemish-reducing properties, it's no surprise these balms have become an essential in many a woman's handbag. CLICK ON PHOTOS TO VIEW OUR FAVOURITE BB CREAMS   By smoothing over the skin's surface, the balm's lightweight texture leaves a finish absent of that cakey

  • Ready to strut the catwalk: prep behind Fashion Week season

    We're on the brink of the Fashion Week season for Autumn/Winter 2013. But why wait for the excitement to begin when we can sneak backstage to show the secrets behind previous fashion shows from an inside perspective. The suspense of unfolding a collection is always new and positively gripping. Months of hard work accumulate to a moment of intensity just before the show starts where models march steadily from makeup artists to hairstylists in order to get their looks perfected for the catwalk. Brushes, combs, palettes and products are thrown astern across dressing rooms until the countdown begins. Three, two, one, GO!