• Get the Look: Pink's hairstylist gives HELLO! Online her styling how-to's

    Full of fearless femininity, Pink is an inspiration to any woman who wants to come out of their shell and try a new look. At the moment we're loving the bright fuchsia and pastel streaks the Try singer adopted in her hair to match her pseudonym for these rare beauty images with Deborah Anderson. Sporting two breathtakingly brave looks by adapting her staple rockabilly quiff, Pink owes it all to hairstylist to the stars, Marcia Hamilton. She's been the styling force behind an array of Pink's magazine covers and spreads including the Marilyn Monroe-inspired retro coif and pumped up pompadour look seen

  • The beauty behind a blush: Personalised make-up tips to suit your face shape

    That soft pink flush which occurs after a first date kiss will always be irreplaceable. But whether you're with or without a date this Valentine's day, applying blush properly will make you look younger and healthier. Most face shapes will suit colour applied to the apples of the cheek – the old-time rule many of us are unwilling to break. Simply do a little smile and dot on the colour upon the roundest parts of the cheeks. Nevertheless, precision is the key for achieving a pretty look which is personalised to suit you. HELLO! Online have spoken to international makeup artist Laura