• Five celebrity-inspired tips for growing out short hair

    Michelle Williams recently spoke out about her recent dilemma in growing out her famous pixie crop. "The mid-stage is insufferable," she said. "It's really hard on your self-esteem". Joining Michelle and many other women, it's also been a long road back to regaining lengthy, luscious locks for actresses Anne Hathaway and Chalize Theron who cut their hair in 2012 for film roles. It's the awkward, in-between stage that tests the patience of anyone waiting for their hair to grow out. But those waiting on longer hair needn't worry about how to style their locks. Simply see our top tricks for growing

  • Cupping: The Chinese detox therapy loved by celebrities

    Due to the strapless cut of her tuxedo playsuit, onlookers were quick to spot circular marks on Jennifer Aniston's back as she stepped out for the premiere of her latest film Call Me Crazy on Tuesday night.  The tell-tale marks were a reult of a detox therapy called 'cupping', a practice that the Hollywood actress, who is engaged to her moviestar beau Justin Theroux, has said to have used for over six years. An ancient alternative to body pampering, the therapy uses cups which are placed on the skin to extract impurities from the body as well as help with everything from circulation