• Vote: which hairstyle suits Jennifer Lawrence best?

    Jennifer Lawrence recently stunned fans by showing off a dramatic new pixie cut. She won praise for the new crop but which hairstyle do you think the Oscar-winning actress suits best - short, shoulder-length or long? Place your vote

  • Mango and cinnamon revealed as most exciting tastes for babies

    While you might think that babies' favourite fruits are bananas and apples, it turns out their preferences are more exotic than many people assume — scroll down for top ten exciting tastes for babies. Mango and cinnamon have been revealed as the "most thrilling tastes for babies" in a taste trial tested out on little ones. Babies' physiological reactions were measured when they tried a variety of different fruits, vegetables and spices and the results were surprising.   The study, created by Ella's Kitchen in partnership with Thrill Laboratory, measured the tots' Galvanic Skin Response – that is the micro-fluctuations in their sweat