• Santa's drinking habits revealed

    If Santa Claus was to drink a glass of sherry or port in every house in the UK this Christmas, he would gain over 263 tonnes in weight – almost 22 double decker buses. In order to burn this off, he would need to run for 146,666 days – the equivalent of 782,218 marathons. He would also consume more than one million litres of alcohol – equal to nearly 24 million units – according to alcohol education charity Drinkaware.   It serves as a reminder that while the festive season may involve drinking, it should not be an excuse to drink to excess,

  • How to take the perfect party selfie

    The festive season has provided celebrities with another excuse to fill our Instagram and Twitter feeds with selfies. Barack Obama was even spotted taking a selfie at Nelson Mandela's memorial service this week. If you want to share a party selfie but aren't quite sure how, take note of these five handy tips compiled by travel brand Expedia that will help you master the ultimate self-portrait...   Selfie queen Kim Kardashian recently showed her fans how to capture the perfect self-portrait   Consider the camera angle. Ideally, the phone should be held above your head so you are looking up towards the camera. This