• How to solve common nail problems

    We all have nail problems at some point in our lives, whether it’s discoloured nails, dry cuticles or flakiness. So we’ve rounded up top tips to keep nails healthy and in perfect condition... 1. My nails break too easily Fed up of painting your nails and then having one snap straight away? You’re not alone. We’ve all had a manicure ruined by a broken nail at some point. Solution: Avoid quick dry nail polish as this dries out your nails and causes them to break easily. Use nail strengthener to keep your nails in top condition. 2. My colour always chips off After painting

  • Secret uses for your hairspray and hairdryer

    Did you know that hairspray makes your flowers live for longer? Or that your hairdryer can be used to iron out creases in clothes? New research has shown how to make your everyday hair products go further; we talk to the experts at online hair and beauty retailer Hairtrade.com the discover the multipurposes for your hairspray and hairdryer... Hairspray - Set make up If you want your make up to last for a big night out, spritz hairspray directly above you then tilt your head back and let the spray fall onto your face. - Bug spray If you want to keep the mosquitos at

  • Andy Murray and Kim Sears expecting their first baby

    Four months after their joyous wedding in his hometown of Dunblane, Andy Murray and his bride Kim Sears are expecting their first child. His agent confirmed the ace news after her 12-week scan. The new addition to Team Murray is thought to be due next February. Just days after the ceremony in Scotland, his mother Judy spoke of her longing for them to start a family. "I'm really looking forward to being a granny," she told Closer magazine. "I've always wanted to have grandchildren, but I had to be patient and let them get married first." CLICK ON PHOTOS TO ENLARGE Andy Murray