• Helen Flanagan takes baby Matilda to first football game

    There's a first for everything and on Tuesday Helen Flanagan took her newborn little girl to her first football game. The mother-daughter duo were cheering on football player Scott Sinclair, Helen's long-term partner and the proud dad to baby Matilda. It looks like Matilda was something of a lucky charm for her father Scott, as the Aston Villa winger scored a hat-trick, leading his team to a 5-3 victory against Notts County. Clearly proud of her boyfriend's success on the pitch – and wanting to show off adorable Matilda to her Instagram followers – new mum Helen shared a picture online.

  • Dentists reveal top tips for a youthful smile

    While most of us turn to beauty products and anti-ageing creams to keep ourselves looking youthful, there is one feature that is easy to overlook – teeth. Dentists have revealed that your teeth can actually make you look older, especially as they erode over time. Experts at UltraDEX reveal the top dental issues and how to prevent them… Scroll below for full list CLICK ON PHOTOS FOR FULL GALLERY Dentists have revealed their top tips for a youthful smile Teeth enamel eroding over time and causing sensitivity A glass of orange juice, wine or gin and tonic could well be the culprit of your enamel