• Harry Potter actor Matthew Lewis gets his 'Stranger Things tattoo' approved by the show's star Millie Bobby Brown

    Two fandoms were brought together when Harry Potter's Matthew Lewis and Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown joined forces on Monday. The actor sent fans into frenzy when he posted a selfie of the pair, as he showed off a tattoo on his arm that could have been a tribute to Millie's role on the spooky series. CLICK TO VIEW GALLERY Matthew Lewis had Millie Bobby Brown give his tattoo her seal of approval In the photo, Matthew and Millie pose mock expressions of excitement as he shows her the "XI" inking on his forearm, which matches the name of

  • Emma Stone has a pixie cut! Check out her edgy new look here...

    Emma Stone has gone for her shortest hairstyle to date with an eye-catching new pixie cut! The 27-year-old has wowed fans with the edgy style as she stars on the cover of American Vogue. The Birdman star looks virtually unrecognisable with her boyish short hair, which is swept to the side for a laidback chic finish. CLICK TO VIEW GALLERY Emma Stone debuted a pixie cut on the cover of Vogue Although Emma is known for regularly switching up her hairstyles, it seems that the pixie cut could have been a temporary look for the photoshoot. Some fans have speculated that

  • How to deal with and soothe sensitive skin

    Finding suitable skincare for sensitive complexions can be tricky. Beauty Editor Nadine Baggott explores a two-step approach and the gentle products to invest in. If you suffer from red, itchy and tight skin, you will know all about the difficulty of dealing with a sensitive complexion. According to EU figures, skin sensitivity is on the rise and now affects two-thirds of us, a figure that has gone up by a third in the past 30 years. "Sensitive skin is so difficult to deal with because it’s so hard to track down the ingredient that is irritating the skin," explains consumer champion Paula

  • Ciara just landed a MAJOR beauty gig - find out what it is here...

    Ciara has firmly established herself as a beauty muse, as she is revealed to be Revlon's latest brand ambassador. It's a brand that's no doubt close to the 30-year-old's heart, as she revealed she was named after one of the label's iconic fragrances.   CLICK TO VIEW GALLERY We couldn’t keep it a secret any longer! Turn up the volume for a special announcement. #RevlonXCiara #ChooseLove pic.twitter.com/N5lI8YaZnQ— Revlon (@revlon) October 18, 2016 Ciara is Revlon's newest brand ambassador "I've been a fan of the iconic Revlon brand my entire life," the singer admitted in a statement. "In fact, my name comes