• Geri Halliwell reveals how yoga got her through pregnancy at 44

    Geri Halliwell opened up about her pregnancy aged 44, revealing that she found yoga incredibly helpful. The star, who gave birth to her baby son Montgomery on Saturday 21, opened up about her pregnancy journey to The Sunday Times. Speaking about her baby son, Geri said: "I feel incredibly lucky to have conceived naturally at my age, 44. I see it as a miracle. Trust me, I can still moan like the rest them but, equally, I remind myself every day that this is an absolute gift." She then spoke about her love for yoga, explaining: "I found Iyengar yoga,

  • Exclusive! Chemmy Alcott introduces her baby son Locki

    Britain's most successful female alpine skier Chemmy Alcott has taken steps to protect her precious newborn baby boy in the future by opting to bank his cord blood cells. As the adrenaline junkie introduces son Locki with her husband, former British champion skier Dougie Crawford, in an exclusive interview and photoshoot with HELLO! magazine, Chemmy explains why she opted for the scientific treatment, which took place just after she gave birth on January 13. "Thinking about how Dougie and I are adrenaline junkies, the likelihood that he's one too is quite high," she told HELLO! before explaining that blood containing potentially

  • Exclusive! Kimberley Walsh and Justin Scott introduce their baby son, Cole

    What a sweetie! Kimberley Walsh and her husband Justin Scott have introduced their gorgeous baby Cole in exclusive photoshoot with HELLO! magazine. On Monday, the couple celebrate their first wedding anniversary together after marrying in a beautiful Caribbean ceremony this time last year. And what a difference a year makes! Instead of recreating their sunshine idyll, the pair have swapped champagne for baby muslins while caring for their newborn. "If it's anything like New Year, we'll be in bed with the TV and sicky muslins," Kimberley tells HELLO! of the January 30th anniversary date. "But we had the most amazing wedding