• Video: 6 amazing ways fitness tech can monitor your health

    Remember when wearable tech was all a bit space age? It's now commonplace to own some sort of smartwatch or tracker – often in the form of fitness tech – and it's not just pro athletes getting in on the act. A recent global survey by GfK found one in three people (33%) now monitor or track their health and fitness via apps or devices such as wristbands or smartwatches, and the trend's showing no sign of slowing. From monitoring steps and heart rate to tracking sleep quality, here's a look at how we’re tapping into fitness tech from dusk 'til

  • How to be yoga body confident according to Jessamyn Stanley

    Yoga body. Innocuous-sounding, but peel it back and the preconceptions are there. "Until the turn of the 21st century, the yoga community in the West has been characterised by people who have the money and the time to devote themselves to it, and that has tended to fall into the category of wealthy, predominantly white, slender people, and even more specifically, women," explains Jessamyn Stanley,  yoga teacher and author of new book Every Body Yoga. "The reality is that, that has nothing to do with yoga. The truth of yoga has absolutely nothing to do with body size or skin colour or physical ability [or]

  • World Oceans Day: 10 face and body scrubs that don’t contain microbeads

    Today is World Oceans Day and the main conservation theme of this year’s event is finding solutions for plastic pollution and marine litter. One easy solution you can implement at home? Stopping microbeads – the tiny non-biodegradable plastic particles found in face scrubs, toothpaste and other household products – from going down the drain, and ending up in our oceans, as well as the stomachs of fish and marine animals, by using natural exfoliators instead. A government ban on the sale of products containing microbeads will come into force at the end of this year, but there are already plenty

  • What's the best way to remove gel nail polish?

    Gel nail polish is, we can all agree, one of the great wonders of the beauty world. A manicure that remains chip-free for at least five times longer than regular old polish – what’s not to love? Well, there is one downside. When you do want to remove the UV-cured colour, you can’t just swipe a remover-soaked cotton bud over your fingertips and watch it disappear in a flash. So, if you’re anything like us, you end up picking the polish off bit by bit (to be fair, it is SO satisfying), and leaving your nails in a ragged, flaky mess. A

  • Victoria Beckham is not only smiling, she's laughing in her latest Instagram video

    Victoria Beckham’s hairstylist Ken Paves posted a gorgeous new video of the fashion designer getting her hair straightened in a sleek ‘do on Instagram this week. And while Ken danced away as he worked his magic, the main focus of the clip was Victoria’s beaming smile. Notorious for her more serious expressions, the mother-of-four lit up the room in the happy footage as she leant back laughing while videoing her friend on her phone. Looking relaxed, the former Spice Girl wore a summer-ready ombre ensemble, consisting of a loose fitting tie-dye apricot blouse and vibrant orange pleat skirt. STORY: Victoria

  • Bella Hadid looks amazing in glam squad photo with Jen Atkin

    Bella Hadid looked nothing short of sensational in an Instagram photograph she shared on Thursday in which she is posing with her eyes closed as hair guru Jen Atkin works her magic. In the snap, Bella sports a choppy fringe that has been groomed into a sleek, shiny style that frames her model features beautifully. Bella looked stunning in the snap she shared on Instagram The 20-year-old American beauty is rocking a bold make-up look in the photograph - a flawless, matte base, expertly sculpted cheeks, a metallic smoky eye and a dramatic cherry lip – and she looks ever so