• Trend to try: Glass skin   

    Poreless, flawless skin is beauty's holy grail and it seems the influencers of South Korea might just have the edge on how to achieve it. Korean women have long aspired to achieve smooth, hydrated and poreless skin with a sheen like glass, and thanks to the Instagram, we're now catching onto the latest K-Beauty trend. Celebrity facialist and Time Bomb skincare expert Michaella Bolder tells us: "This is such a popular trend as it is what so many of us are striving for - flawless and youthful skin. It is like that squeaky, tight botox effect but without the

  • Are you allergic to alcohol?

    Alcohol is known to make people feel a little fuzzy, but if you experience other sensations, it could be more than just tipsiness taking over. If discomfort is common every time you drink alcohol, you could actually be suffering an allergic reaction and your body can't handle what you're pouring into it. Whether you discover you've inherited the trait, or it's simply developed over time, here are some key symptoms which indicate you're allergic to booze, as listed by dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra who appears on American TV show The Doctors. Histamines are chemicals in the immune system which work

  • Alicia Silverstone reveals her low-maintenance hair and beauty routine

    Alicia Silverstone gets her "best hair" by washing her tresses just before bedtime. The actress rose to fame as Cher Horowitz in 1995's Clueless, with her preppy outfits and long blonde hair sparking an array of trends. While Alicia still maintains her signature hairstyle, she admits she takes a low maintenance approach to hair care in general. "Getting my best hair is like playing Russian roulette," she told The New York Times. "Basically, I wash my hair and sleep on it. Some days it works, and some days I have really freaky bad hair. For shampoo and conditioner, I've been

  • New mum Jennifer Metcalfe opens up about body confidence after giving birth

    She won heaps of praise for posting a revealing selfie of herself - just four weeks after giving birth to her first child. And now, Hollyoaks actress Jennifer Metcalfe - who welcomed her son, Daye, with her boyfriend Greg Lake in June - has revealed why she is celebrating her post-baby body. "That was to say we don't all look perfect," she told The Sun. "You can look perfect if you want all the filters, but this is the reality, too. I can't be bothered with a filter. I just took a photo and then started thinking of these

  • A Puma x MAC line is in the works

    Sportswear giant Puma is the latest brand to get the MAC Cosmetics treatment for a special collection. The New York-based make-up label is known for teaming with a whole host of famous names on limited-edition collections, working with everyone from Lorde to Muppets star Miss Piggy in the past. MAC is also big on partnering up with fashion houses and counts Prabal Gurung, Giambattista Valli, and Alexander McQueen as past collaborators. Now, it's Puma's turn to team with the cosmetics company. "Your favourite hues take a big step in a whole new direction! Stay tuned for a kickin' collaboration, coming

  • Gigi Hadid X Maybelline is available online now!

    The Gigi Hadid X Maybelline collection is finally available to buy. Although it doesn’t land in Boots and Superdrug stores until 22 November, fans can buy the range online from 7 November, which is great news for us! The star first teased news of her collaboration back in October, via her hugely-popular Instagram account, and everyone has been itching to get their hands on it ever since. Gigi is gorgeous in campaign shots There are 27 products in the collection, which are categorised into two sections - East Coast Glam and West Coast Glow - to allow fans to recreate the

  • 6 powder foundations for every skin type

    Applying foundation on the go is pretty tricky, and there are days when we all need a little help to even out skin tone, but time is against us. A powder foundation will solve your timing and toning issues, help control an oily T-zone and provide a pore-free finish perfect enough for a red carpet. No longer cakey or ghostly, modern powder foundations boast sophisticated HD formulas that put their more fluid counterparts in the shade. In fact, you can rely on a flawless finish which will suit both day and night time party looks, and are suitable for all

  • Why you should always ensure all your make-up comes off!

    We've all been there; rolling in during the early hours of the morning and being too tired to do anything other than falling onto the bed to go to sleep. But you're doing your skin a whole lot of harm by keeping your make-up on overnight. To hopefully teach you a lesson for all those times you've kept the cosmetics on, here we list the risks that come with keeping a face caked in make-up while you snooze. Infection: Make-up itself won't give you an infection, but if you have a cut or inflamed pimple that you've covered up with foundation,

  • Top tips for healing chapped lips

    At some point, most of us will suffer from chapped or dry lips. Rough lips can be caused by a number of factors, with cold or very dry weather, medications, and excessive licking tending to be the main culprits. Those with severe cracking or dermatitis around the pout should consult with a doctor or dermatologist to gain expert skin advice, though minor cases should clear up within a few days with some TLC. Read on for tips on healing your lips fast.     MORE: Why you should always take your make-up off Maintain hydration Lips easily lose moisture, with the skin covering them susceptible

  • Royals with beards and moustaches: Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince Carl Philip and more

    It's that time of year again – Movember! – when guys everywhere grow their facial hair to raise awareness for men's health issues. In honour of the cause, here are some of our favourite royals sporting beards and

  • Strictly Come Dancing star Karen Hardy's top dance tips for beginners

    Has watching Strictly Come Dancing inspired you to hit the dancefloor? Karen Hardy has shared her top tips for getting started, along with her favourite dance styles for beginners. Speaking exclusively to HELLO! Online, the former Strictly winner said it was important to overcome any nerves and just give it a try. "First and foremost - get yourself to the studio. You need to overcome that fear-factor, but we can't help you until you get to the studio. That is the only thing a dance teacher can't do – they physically can’t get you to the studio," Karen said. "But

  • How to get thicker, fuller hair

    We’ll stop at nothing in our quest for the kind of thick hair that you see on a Victoria’s Secret model… Because who wouldn't want those big, bouncy locks? Most of us are after extra oomph when it comes to our hair, and while actually making it thicker is difficult to achieve, the look of bigger hair is easy if you take note of some top tips… Invest in a good haircut A good cut can make or break the difference between hair looking fuller or thinner. If your hair is naturally thin, opt for a shorter look and aim for