• Britney Spears shows off her challenging fitness routine in new video

    Britney Spears is already hard at work training for her European tour! The Piece of Me singer, who is set to perform in the UK in August, shared a video of her fitness routine in an Instagram video on Thursday, telling fans she was "gearing up for summer". The short clip shows Britney working out in a gym, wearing a red sports bra and polka dot shorts that showcased her toned abs and athletic physique. Britney appears to have been doing a full-body workout, doing a number of squats while holding dumbbells, before moving to the floor to do a

  • These are the luxury beauty products actually worth splurging on

  • Emma Willis has a new range with Eylure and names her lashes after her children!

    Emma Willis has launched an incredible new beauty collection - and we are so excited about it! The 41-year-old has teamed with up Eylure to release a new range of natural, stress-free lashes that are easy to apply - perfect for mothers on the go. Touchingly, Emma has chosen to name her Eylure x Emma Willis range after her children: there's 'Insta Belle', fluttery lashes named after her oldest child, eight-year-old Isabelle; 'Trix-A-Lashious', a wild and wispy pair which add fullness to the lash line, named after her one-year-old daughter Trixie Grace; and finally, 'All The Aces', which are

  • Sarah Jessica Parker reveals her new haircut

    Sarah Jessica Parker has stepped out sporting a brand new haircut - after teasing fans on Instagram with a secretive snap of her latest look. The mystery was solved earlier this week when the Sex And The City actress was photographed as she left for her appearance on The Tonight Show in New York, showing off her new soft sweeping fringe and an updated golden blonde colour. The restyle comes courtesy of Sarah Jessica's longtime friend and hairdresser Serge Normant, who shared some details of the cut on his Instagram page.  Sarah Jessica Parker debuted her new hairstyle this week Crediting his colleague Gina Gilbert

  • Keith Lemon looks unrecognisable with a shaved head!

    Leigh Francis, better known as his alter ego Keith Lemon, has transformed his appearance for a new TV sketch. The Through the Keyhole host unveiled his new look in an Instagram post on Friday, revealing that he has gone bald for a new sketch for Keith and Paddy Picture Show series two. "All done! On to set which is freezing! #keithandpaddypictureshow," he captioned a photo of himself in his dressing room, with a shaved head but his beard and sideburns remained intact – albeit coloured brown from his natural red shade. Keith Lemon has transformed his look for a new TV

  • Skincare ingredients explained: what is hyaluronic acid?

    It's the ingredient the beauty bloggers and skincare hoarders rave about for saving dry skin - but what is hyaluronic acid? As our skincare market becomes ever saturated, it's more important than ever to get clued-up on the science and ingredients that go into our products - so we can make better-informed choices about what to put on our skin. We chatted to expert Harley Street dermatologist Dr Nick Lowe to find out exactly what hyaluronic acid is, and why (or if) we really need to include it in our beauty routines… "Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring sugar molecule," says