• Drew Barrymore shares her parenting tricks for being a working mum

    Drew Barrymore has shared her experiences of being a busy working mum, and the feelings of guilt she experiences for having to go away for work. The Santa Clarita Diet star admitted she is still trying to find ways to help her children adjust to her being away from home for extended periods of time, and paid tribute to her ex-husband Will Kopelman, who she credited for being the "best dad" and caring for their daughters while she is filming. Sharing a photo of her daughter Olive with her 8.5 million Instagram followers, Drew explained that she has set up

  • Victoria Beckham is bringing out a skincare line and here's everything we know so far 

    Victoria Beckham is reportedly launching her very own Posh Spice-approved skincare line! The star, who has already seen huge success in the fashion world with her eponymous clothing brand, has vowed that she will soon launch a range of skincare products, as reported by New Beauty. The 43-year-old said in a Facebook Live interview: "I am currently in the process of creating my own colour, my own line of skincare creams, and a perfume. As a woman, I want to make the things I need in my life, the things that are missing." If you need it, we need it, VB! Victoria's

  • These are the beauty products you should NEVER wear to the gym (and what you should wear)

    Do you wear makeup to the gym? Take a quick look around the women's weights area and you may just notice you're not alone - whether it's a few dots of concealer or a full face, plenty of us are guilty of a little pre-workout pampering. But is it really that bad for our skin? Most complexion experts will tell you the only way to arrive at the gym is fresh-faced, but with a bounty of new exercise-friendly products and brands arriving on the beauty scene, is gym makeup ever okay? We chatted to facialist Kate Kerr, who practices at