• Plastic microbeads in your cosmetics to be banned in the UK – all the details

    You know those little plastic microbeads you find in many exfoliating shower gels, facial scrubs and toothpastes? Well, they will be banned in all cosmetics in the UK from 30 June after MPs voted against their use. Brilliant news for the environment! For years we've all used microbead products wondering where those little beads go after they wash down the drain. Well sadly, many of them end up in the sea as they are so small – just one shower can send 100,000 microbeads into the ocean, which can end up in the stomachs of sea life and enter the

  • Do you use your Beauty Blender the right way? We asked a pro makeup artist

    Are you a  BeautyBlender devotee? Don’t think it could get any better? Well, it turns out, it probably could.  Since launching in 2003, the makeup sponge has amassed an unwavering following and with good reason. On Instagram alone the hashtag #beautyblender has over 850,000 posts and it’s not just the world’s biggest makeup artists and beauty bloggers that swear by it - the celebs and royals love it too. The Duchess of Sussex, Kim Kardashian-West and Paris Hilton are just some of the fans.  Egg-shaped and made of smooth sponge, it’s no ordinary makeup tool but can seem deceptively straightforward to

  • Stacey Solomon gives major hair goals in latest photo

    Stacey Solomon is renowned for changing up her hairstyle, and she is lucky enough to pull off many styles. In her latest Instagram photo, the Loose Women panellist looked incredible with volume-heavy curls, and her fans adored the look. "Curly hair don’t care," she wrote in the caption, adding: "I’ve been cracking myself up today! Honestly been laughing to myself all day people must think I’ve lost the plot... I probably have... but I’m enjoying it so much haha that’s what it’s all about right?" The mum-of-two looked extra stylish with her trademark metallic eyeshadow and elongated lashes, with

  • VIDEO: Take a look back at 100 years of royal hairstyles

    You can always rely on women in the royal family to showcase a fabulous hairstyle, be it for a formal occasion or at a relaxed family event. Over the last century we've seen just about every hairstyle going from our royal ladies – short curly styles to long, sweeping locks or slicked back looks, the high-profile women have tried them all. Remember Princess Diana's 80s bouffant style or Princess Margaret's Hollywood waves? HELLO! has created a video taking a look back at 100 years of royal hairstyles, so you can take a trip down memory lane and relive all the

  • Holly Willoughby opens up about her dyslexia after sharing concerns her children will inherit it

    Holly Willoughby surprised viewers by talking about her dyslexia during an interview on Thursday's episode of This Morning. The mum-of-three was speaking to actor and singer Martin Kemp, who is also dyslexic, and was particularly interested in how he reads and memorises his lines. "You're dyslexic and I'm dyslexic as well. You say the way you learn and the way you prepare for this is different to other people," Holly said, to which Martin said: "You have to find the way that works for you. Once upon a time I lived not being dyslexic. So it's a weird kind of