• Johnny Vegas looks unrecognisable after dramatic three-stone weight loss

    Johnny Vegas has revealed his dramatic weight loss, looking almost unrecognisable as he posted a new selfie on Twitter. The 47-year-old, who recently announced his split from wife Maia Dunphy after seven years of marriage, has lost an impressive three stone since overhauling his diet. "It's a far cry from a Thatto Heath fry up....ooh you've changed Vegas," he tweeted alongside the snap and a picture of his healthy breakfast. "Apologies fellow tweeters, busy of late and treating our chats like a bacon butty, sadly an all too rare a treat of late x." Johnny Vegas has shocked fans with

  • The £6 charcoal skincare soap that will cure your back acne is finally back in stock

    Acne is a hugely common health problem and according to the NHS online, the condition affects us all at some point in our lifetime. Oily skin on your face - particularly back acne can be very uncomfortable. There are so many natural home remedies and various soothing creams you can try – but lately, there's a product which has been taking Instagram by storm, and that's Carbon Theory's charcoal soap. The £6 soap is packed with tea-tree oil and charcoal and has been hailed as a 'miracle' for blemished skin. The main ingredient of charcoal is great for drawing out