• Kylie Jenner shares stunning 21st birthday mother-daughter photoshoot with baby Stormi

    Kylie Jenner may have celebrated her 21st birthday with a swanky party complete with the full Kardashian crowd, but she spent the night before her big day making memories with baby daughter Stormi - even posting two beautiful mother-daughter photographs to her Instagram account. In June, the first-time mum removed all photos of the little girl's face from her social media, telling fans - "I'm not sharing photos of my girl right now" - so it was clearly a big decision for her to post the sweet shots.  Image: Instagram @kyliejenner "Bringing in my birthday tonight with my most special gift.

  • Women would rather give up alcohol than delete their Instagram. Shock horror.

    If you’re guilty of taking one too many Instagrams of your Friday (or, er, Thursday) night wine, have you ever wondered which one which one is more important? Your phone in your right hand, or glass of Malbec in your left? Turns out, the majority of you would pour away your wine in favour of keeping that all-important folder on your phone with all your social media apps such as Instagram, if faced with having to choose between them. Which we can definitely relate to. The ultimate dilemma - give up Instagramming your wine, or wine altogether? RELATED: If you're truly obsessed,

  • Genius! You can now get a pregnancy pool inflatable with a hole for your bump

    Any mums-to-be out there getting pool float FOMO this summer? It's your lucky day, because pregnant ladies can now get their hands on their very own pool inflatable made especially for growing bumps - with a perfectly-placed hole to fit! Motherhood app Peanut launched the pregnancy floats after noticing many members talking about how much they miss being able to lie on their fronts on holiday, so one genius came up with the perfect solution. Nifty.  Peanut's incredible pregnancy float At the moment, the floats are only thought to be available through a competition on social media, though we reckon it won't

  • Do eyelash extensions really last while on holiday? One HELLO! writer gives Russian lashes a try

    Like the rest of the population, I love going on holiday. Packing all my favourite outfits, sun creams and bags of makeup into my pink suitcase and jetting off to a faraway destination is the best feeling ever. However, as a self-confessed beauty addict, loading up my luggage with makeup weighs down my suitcase - so I'm always on the lookout for beauty miniatures and multi-purpose items that make the stress of packing that little bit easier. Condensing your makeup bag is the hardest thing of all – you never know what you might need. However – instead of