• Wish you had full, fluffy eyelashes like the Duchess of Sussex? Well, now you can

    As someone who has looked at approximately 34,667 photos of the Duchess of Sussex, I know every millimetre of her face. Honestly, you can challenge me on her distinguishing features - and I think it's fair to say her lashes are instantly recognisable because they're full and fluffy. A lover of Maybelline mascara, the Duchess's eyelashes aren’t super long but what they lack in length, make up for in body. While an £8.99 mascara might be her secret, you can now copy Meghan's look by buying false lashes that have been created to look EXACTLY like hers. Yes, really.

  • Do these things to get a flatter stomach, fast

    It’s no secret – shifting weight from your stomach isn’t an easy business. It’s one of the trickiest places to lose weight, as the fat around your middle is more stubborn than elsewhere – plus, ab exercises aren’t always the easiest. While we’d never advocate a quick-fix diet or to lose weight quickly, there are a few things that might be causing a bloated stomach and some easy tricks to tauten that tum. Hit maximum chill First things first, chill out. When you’re feeling frazzled, your body produces more of the stress hormone which has a negative effect on your

  • All the makeup products Meghan Markle has said she loves

    With her doll-like eyes, glowing skin and lashes that appear to go on for ever, the Duchess of Sussex is a true modern beauty icon. And, lucky for us, she has let slip a number of the products she relies on to get her fresh, natural look over the years – so we decided to gather them all together in one place. First up, there are no less that three products she uses to get those gorgeous lashes. She told US beauty bible Allure that she uses RevitaLash serum to make her lashes "as long as they ever could be" and

  • Andrea McClean reveals dramatic hair transformation – but is it for real?

    Andrea McClean has unveiled a seriously dramatic new hair style that has divided fans – however, the question remains over whether it's for real. The TV presenter posted a video to Instagram page of her sporting a bleached blonde pixie crop – a stark contrast to the long, glossy brunette waves we're used to seeing her with. In the video, the 48-year-old looks to the camera and says: "So, I'm back at work today and I decided to go for a little change" while smiling and touching her hair. She captioned the video: "I'm back off holiday! A change is

  • 7 eye masks that will help get rid of puffy eyes

    Let's face it, we're a hard-working nation and not getting enough sleep is a key factor in how our skin behaves - particularly around the eye area. If you're tired, the under-eye is usually the tell-tale sign. Applying an eye mask will help you look more awake and it will also help to treat fine lines, wrinkles and crows feet. Noella Gabriel, co-founder of skincare giants Elemis, explains: "The skin around the eye area is extremely fragile and can be one of the first places to show signs of premature ageing. The eye area is often neglected and if

  • Exclusive! Zoe Hardman introduces baby son Kit as she discusses traumatic birth

    Zoe Hardman has introduced her baby son Kit to the world as she reveals how she turned to hypnobirthing to overcome the trauma of her first birth. Zoe, who is married to former rugby ace Paul Doran Jones admitteds she was left shell-shocked after having her daughter Luna and needed the meditative sessions to help her overcome her anxiety. The presenter, who was once told she would need IVF to conceive due to her low egg count, went through a gruelling 19-hour birth and a forceps delivery without any effective pain relief. "The first time around I was a

  • You have to see Laura from Love Island's chic new hair transformation

    I don't know about you, but I have a Love Island-shaped void in my life. I was SO into this series (I have been a fan for years TBH) and I was pretty gutted once the final was done and dusted. HOWEVER, even out of the villa, those islanders do not fail to provide us with plenty of drama and gossip – there are break-ups, make-ups, cheating scandals… You name it! There's also been many a hair transformation – Dani sorted out her colour, Ellie got new extensions and now (old) Laura has shown off a brand new look - and