• Is the blue light on your phone damaging your eyes?

    Laptops, phones, tablets – we all spend a huge portion of our lives staring at these screens to message our friends, catch up on news, read books and work. We think they are safe, but what if the screen light is actually harmful to our eye sight? Well a new study by scientists at the University of Toledo in Ohio, America has discovered that the blue light from these devices can damage our eyes. Frightening stuff. The study showed that this particular type of light can cause the photoreceptor cells in the retina to die, otherwise known as macular

  • Eddie Murphy expecting 10th child – see girlfriend Paige Butcher's beautiful baby bump

    Congratulations are in order for Eddie Murphy. The 57-year-old star is expecting his second baby with his girlfriend Paige Butcher. A spokesperson for the Hollywood actor told HELLO! in a statement: "Eddie Murphy and longtime girlfriend Paige Butcher are pleased to announce that they are expecting their second child in December. This will be the tenth child for Murphy, the second for Butcher. Their daughter, Izzy, is two years old." Eddie started dating Paige in 2012 following his break-up with HLN anchor Rocsi Diaz earlier that year. They welcomed their first child together in May 2016, at the time revealing

  • Acne sufferers swear by a new sulphur cream to sort their spots – and it's only £4

    If you've ever suffered from cystic acne, you'll know how frustrating it is trying to find anything that'll help to treat it. We spend hundreds of pounds looking for that miracle cure to those painful, angry spots but the answer could be in a tub of sulphur cream that costs less than a fiver. Thanks to one Reddit user, the De La Cruz Sulfur Ointment cream is now top of our beauty wish list. TheQuinnBee wrote a post titled 'To whoever recommended sulphur cream, freaking thank you' and went on to detail her experience. She wrote: "I had these two

  • How Ruth Langsford keeps fit at 58 – after admitting menopause stopped weight loss

    Ruth Langsford has given fans a glimpse of her fitness routine, hours after admitting the menopause had affected her ability to lose weight. The This Morning presenter completed a circuit training class with a personal trainer on Tuesday evening, and inspired many of her followers by sharing a video of the challenging workout on Instagram. "Circuit training with @fitwithfrank tonight… 30 seconds of each exercise, repeated 3 times with 1 minute rest in between… HARD WORK!!" Ruth captioned the clip, which showed her alternating between running on a mini trampoline, doing squats, and performing core exercises with a gym ball. Ruth Langsford said

  • Serena Williams reveals why she won't be celebrating daughter Olympia's first birthday

    Serena Williams's daughter Alexis Olympia is marking a big milestone this weekend – she's turning one! But the tennis champion has revealed the simple reason the family won't be celebrating. According to the Daily Mail, Serena, who is currently competing in the US Open, said at a press conference: "Olympia doesn't celebrate birthdays. We're Jehovah's Witnesses, we don't do that." Practising Jehovah's Witnesses do not celebrate religious holidays such as Christmas and Easter, nor do they observe birthdays, national holidays or other celebrations they consider to honour people other than Jesus. The belief is also that such customs have pagan

  • 7 surprising fertility facts you probably didn't know

    Making a baby is far from an easy business; there’s timing, your age, your diet, your weight, your stress levels, if Mercury is in retrograde…OK, maybe not Mercury, but there’s a lot of factors that can affect your fertility – and some of them you might have even considered. With one in 7 couples experiencing infertility, we asked the experts for some fertility facts you probably didn’t know – but should. 1. On the pill? Your most fertile time is just as you stop taking it – then your ovulation can become a little disrupted. Fertility guru Zita West explains: “The

  • Love Lush Cosmetics? The brand now has a perfume and fragrance fans will love it

    When you think of Lush Cosmetics – you instantly think of bath bombs, the sweet smelling stores and goodies for bath time right? Well, now the directional brand has got something slightly different up their sleeves – perfumes! Who would have thought it? As part of their #LushLabs line, the brand has launched an exclusive collection of fragrances that you can purchase online. Ever ethical, the formulas have been formulated to contain essential oils sourced from regenerative projects, making them hugely sustainable. We especially love the chic packaging – simple and classic with the retro-style glass bottle and black

  • This exercise could help you live longer – and there's not a treadmill in sight

    There's something to be said for that rush of endorphins we feel after a good gym session or fitness class, it feels pretty amazing. But there could be an exercise you're missing out on that's actually the key to living longer – and it's much easier than a spin class. New research suggests that weight training might help to increase your life expectancy. According to research by the University of Michigan, having strong muscles has a direct effect on how long you live – and that it's your hand strength that's most important. The researchers found that hand grip strength

  • The best fitness apps you need to download, now

    There was a time we all turned to workout DVDs to get fit at home – usually presented by our favourite celebrity. Hands up who star-jumped their evenings away with Natalie Cassidy or squatted with Scarlett Moffatt? Those days are long gone now and we’ve all turned to fitness apps to shape up in our living room – or even better, on the go. What’s more, you can even hook some of them up to a heart-rate monitor or fitness tracker to monitor your progress. So thank the lord for your smartphone and choose your favourite fitness app… Fiit Think

  • Michael Douglas' son Cameron shares adorable photo of 101-year-old Kirk Douglas with great-granddaughter Lua

    Michael Douglas' son Cameron became a first-time dad in December, and his baby daughter is just adorable! The doting dad took to Instagram this week to share a sweet photo of eight-month-old Lua Izzy bonding with her great-granddad, Spartacus legend Kirk Douglas, at home in the living room. In the black-and-white photo, the 101-year-old is seen gazing down as Lua as he sits in a chair, dressed in a tracksuit, slippers, and in true Hollywood style - a pair of oversized sunglasses. Lua, meanwhile, looks adorable in a white dress as she reaches out to him. Kirk Douglas with his

  • Holly Branson shares joy of third 'miracle' pregnancy

    Congratulations are in order for Holly Branson and her husband Freddie Andrews! The 36-year-old has revealed she is pregnant with her third child after facing fertility struggles last year. Taking to Instagram on Wednesday to share the happy news, the expectant mother posted a family picture of herself sharing a kiss with her husband, with the pair holding their three-year-old twins, Etta and Artie, on their shoulders. In a heartfelt post, she wrote: "Freddie, Etta, Artie and I have some exciting news... our family of four, is soon to become five! We are over the moon!" Holly Branson is pregnant