• Robbie Williams breaks silence on secret third baby Coco

    Robbie Williams has spoken for the first time about his baby daughter Coco, who he and wife Ayda Field welcomed via surrogate last week. The former Take That singer surprised fans when he revealed they had secretly welcomed a new addition to the family, and now he says the baby girl is already settling in well with siblings Teddy and Charlton. "Coco is the most chilled baby I've ever known," he told The Sun, before speaking about the differences with his third child. "It's funny. The first baby you have, 'Shh, it's sleeping,' then you hear someone coming in that

  • Elizabeth Hurley shares details of 'brutal' detox to maintain youthful figure at 53

    Elizabeth Hurley has revealed it takes hard work to maintain her fabulous figure. The 53-year-old is carrying out a "brutal" week-long detox at the exclusive wellness retreat Viva Mayr in Austria, but said fans it's already helping her to get her "mojo" back. The Royals star is staying at the retreat's Maria Worth outpost, located on the southern shores of Lake Wӧrth, Austria, an exclusive hotel with facilities including a pool, spa, gym and beauty salon. Elizabeth has been following the clinic's signature "the cure" plan, which focuses on using natural salts from the lake as part of a detoxification

  • Ben Fogle's wife Marina explains why she never calls her daughter 'pretty' – and it's proving controversial

    Marina Fogle divided viewers on Good Morning Britain as she revealed she never compliments her children on their physical looks. The columnist explained: "I think that there is a lot of pressure on, specifically women, to look a certain way and that's not when they're little, that's when they're slightly older. For me I think when you're a parent you have the unique opportunity to tell them what is important in life and what's not important in life." Marina clarified: "I don't for one minute make my daughter not feel good about how she is as a person. But if we

  • These DIY oil pulling ice cubes could give you Gwyneth Paltrow-style white teeth

    Ever wondered about oil pulling for A-list white teeth? Ever heard about oil pulling for A-list white teeth? Well, it's actually an ancient Ayurvedic technique that's been around since way before the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Miranda Kerr began raving about its benefits. In short, it's a method of swilling oil (usually coconut) around your mouth to remove staining on the teeth – but it's also said to promote overall health and wellbeing. We're in.  Who wouldn't want gnashers like Gwynnie's? That said, it can be a little messy – and gross – to spoon a chunk of coconut oil into

  • Mum thinks women should stop starting families before getting married… and sparks online debate

    Families come in all different shapes and sizes nowadays, but one mum took to the internet to suggest that women shouldn’t start one before getting married first. Sharing a post on Mumsnet, she explained how she reads stories which are “horribly deflating” about women choosing to have kids without their partner proposing, and asked other readers for their opinions - so what do you think? The online forum user said: “They desperately want to marry [their partner] who ‘always said he would’ But now (a few children/ years later) has declared he has no intention of marrying them”. This led