• Stacey Dooley reveals her body has been damaged by Strictly Come Dancing

    It would appear there's not much of a downside to Strictly Coming Dancing. Fun music, all the sparkles, the romances etc etc but this year's owner of the Glitterball Trophy, Stacey Dooley, has revealed the one bad thing about appearing on the show. Taking to Instagram, the 31-year-old champion decided to thank her fans for all the support they have shown her and to wish them a Merry Christmas but in amongst the joyful message, she revealed her skin is totally "trashed". Why? Well it has to do with all the products the contestants have to wear for the

  • Emma Willis says she’s “broody” for another baby with husband Matt

    TV presenter Emma Willis has admitted that working on the TV show, Emma Willis: Delivering Babies, has made her broody for another child. The 42-year-old already has three children - Isabelle, nine, Ace, seven, and Trixie, two, with her Busted star husband Matt, 35.    Talking about the TV series with Fabulous magazine - and about how it made her broody - the former Big Brother host said: “It did! It really made me broody at the beginning – that newborn baby smell, the little noises… But then you do a night shift and you see a woman in the