• Prince Charles seeks advice on being a grandfather

    Prince Charles stunned a group of ladies when he unexpectedly asked them for advice on grandfatherhood, as the Prince of Wales is soon to play the key role to his son Prince William and pregnant Kate Middleton's first child. Prince Charles, 64, showed he was already prepared and understood the importance of creating a "bond" while children are very young, but was keen to get a female perspective on the matter. The Prince of Wales met the women's circle, named the Tuesday Ladies, in a village in South Wales, and tucked in to tea and cakes as he listened intently.   CLICK ON PHOTO FOR GALLERY   "Any hints on grandparenthood?" asked Prince Charles. "Spoil them

  • Princess Beatrice reveals how she overcame her dyslexia

    Princess Beatrice has revealed that reading Harry Potter books when she was a young girl helped her overcome her dyslexia. The eldest daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah, Duchess of York, said that having dyslexia meant that she had struggled to read books before discovering JK Rowling's bestselling books. The Queen's granddaughter described how the first novel in the series, titled Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, instilled a love of reading and that "from then on, I couldn't put the books down".   CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE According to The Telegraph, the princess, 24, made the comments in a video message recorded