• Camilla 'excited' and 'waiting for the call' about the royal baby

    As the world waits with bated breath for pregnant Kate Middleton to give birth any day now, the Duchess of Cornwall has shared that she too is eagerly "waiting for the call". "We are very excited, immensely looking forward to it and waiting for the phone call," said the Duchess. Camilla, 65, opened up to reporters at the Coronation Festival, a four-day event commemorating the Queen's sixty years on the throne.   CLICK ON PHOTOS FOR FULL GALLERY She smiled happily in the glorious English sunshine alongside her husband Prince Charles, who is soon to become a grandfather for the first time. When he saw a range

  • The Queen poses for a photograph with young girl and her teddy bear

    The Queen surprised all when she happily posed for a photograph with seven-year-old Jessica Fitch at the Coronation Festival. She kindly obliged the young girl, who was clearly thrilled with the opportunity and beamed away at the camera. Jessica even made sure her little teddy bear, Bertie Bear, was included in the treasured snap.   CLICK ON PHOTO FOR GALLERY The seven year old was determined to show her friends and family back home in Cheltenham that she had met the "lovely" Queen. "I was a bit nervous," said Jessica, speaking about the encounter. "The Queen was lovely." "Jessica was bold, she went right up to her,"