• Prince Amedeo of Belgium and Princess Elisabetta welcome first child

    Congratulations to Prince Amedeo of Belgium and his wife Princess Elisabetta! The royal couple have welcomed their first child – a baby girl. The Belgian royal palace made the announcement on Facebook, delighting followers with the news. A statement in French read: "Prince and Princess Amedeo of Belgium have the great joy of announcing the birth of their daughter, born at 3:30am at the Saint-Pierre University Hospital in Brussels. Their families are thrilled by the news." The new princess, whose name has not yet been announced, weighed 3.3kg and measured 52 centimetres. CLICK TO VIEW GALLERY Prince Amedeo and Princess Elisabetta have welcomed

  • What's inside the Queen's handbag and why is it so significant?

    It's the faithful, ever-discreet companion of a woman who lives her life almost entirely in the public eye. The Queen's sturdy yet elegant handbag has been at her side for decades now, becoming an iconic symbol of her royal style. As for its contents, they're a source of endless speculation. Even after being made a Dame by Her Majesty, the redoubtable Joan Collins was left with one burning question: "I always want to know what she keeps in the handbag." So here, for Joan and every other curious royal fan, we take an in-depth look at the Queen's most

  • Prince William reveals he's looking for schools for Prince George

    In a couple of months Prince George will turn three, so it's no surprise that his father Prince William is already thinking about post-nursery education. On Tuesday, William revealed that he is already looking for schools for his first-born. The Duke was speaking to patients as he visited the Royal Marsden Hospital in London in his capacity as president. He met one woman Kathryn England, who asked him how his children George and Charlotte were doing. William, 33, replied that they were "noisy" but "lovely" and that he was "just trying to sort out schools now". CLICK TO VIEW

  • The Queen discreetly wipes away a tear as she honours fallen soldiers

    The Queen was visibly overcome with emotion as she unveiled a memorial for Britain's fallen soldiers on Tuesday. Her Majesty, who rarely cries in public, let down her guard momentarily at the engagement in Staffordshire. The monarch was pictured discreetly wiping a tear from her right eye as she returned to her seat after unveiling the statue. She also laid a wreath alongside a note that read: "In memory of the glorious dead. Elizabeth R." CLICK TO VIEW GALLERY The Queen wiped a tear from her eye after unveiling the war memorial The Queen was paying tribute to the Duke of Lancaster's regiment