• Resplendent Queen opens Parliament with traditional pomp and ceremony

    The Queen was in full regalia as she presided over the state opening of Parliament on Wednesday morning. Her Majesty donned an elaborate cream gown, a diamond necklace, pearl drop earrings and – in keeping with tradition – the Robe of State and the glittering Imperial State Crown. There was a particularly tender moment as she walked into the House of Lords accompanied by her 95-year-old husband Prince Philip. The Duke held his wife's hand and diligently helped her up the steps to her throne. Earlier that morning, the couple had made the short trip from Buckingham Palace to the

  • Queen Elizabeth's purse: What Her Majesty has inside her handbag

    The contents of a woman's purse are sacred and personal, so it should come as no surprise that Queen Elizabeth keeps items of significance in hers. For the monarch, who has been in the public arena for decades, her trusty handbags have become an iconic symbol of her royal style – leaving several to speculate what exactly lies inside.After being made a Dame by Her Majesty, actress Joan Collins was left with the burning question, "I always want to know what she keeps in the handbag." So for Joan, and all the other curious royal fans, we are taking

  • Queen Elizabeth's day in Parliament: All the best photos

    Every incredible picture as Queen Elizabeth opens UK

  • Kate Middleton has royally impressed Queen Elizabeth's photographer with her skills behind the camera

    Kate Middleton is no stranger to good photography! In fact, the 34-year-old Duchess is so good behind the lens; Queen Elizabeth’s photographer admits that she has what it takes to produce great quality photos on her own.CLICK FOR FULL GALLERY Queen Elizabeth's photographer Hugo Rittson Thomas says that Kate Middleton is great behind the camera Photo: Getty Images “I was quite taken aback by her knowledge of photography,” royal photographer Hugo Rittson Thomas told People magazine about his initial encounter with Kate during a 2012 photo session of Prince William. “She asked a lot of technical questions about what I was doing and the set up —