• Watch Kate Middleton pronounce the name of her baby, Prince Louis

    After four days of impatient waiting, new parents Prince William and Kate finally announced the name of their second son on Friday. Many were certain it would be Arthur, but the couple, who celebrate seven years of marriage on Sunday, surprised royal fans the world over when they announced the royal baby's official moniker - Prince Louis Arthur Charles. And it was soon after that the guessing game began as to how the name Louis is actually pronounced. Is it Lou-ey or Lou-is? Well, thankfully, Kate herself has given us the correct answer. A video from William and Kate’s wedding

  • Mike Tindall debuts surprising new look after fixing nose

    Mike Tindall has undergone a successful operation to fix his nose after years of breathing problems. Zara's husband revealed back in 2015 that he was finally ready to undergo surgery and over the weekend, whilst taking part in the Spring Wolf Run in East Sussex, the dad-of-one showed off the surprising results. The former rugby player has been struggling with his breathing for years after managing to break his nose eight times during his 12-year sports career. Speaking to The Mirror three years ago, Mike said: "I don't really want to get it fixed but it looks like I might

  • Princess Madeleine matches outfits with baby daughter Adrienne in adorable new photos

    Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill have shared adorable new photos of their third child, baby girl Adrienne - and she is the cutest sleeping beauty. The Swedish royal shared a set of new pictures on Friday showing Madeleine and her second daughter perfectly matching their clothes, along with a message for her supporters. "Thank you for all the kindness that has been shown to us on the birth of our youngest daughter Adrienne!" the couple wrote. In one photo, the mother-of-three holds her Princess against her chest as she sleeps with her mouth slightly agape. Princess Madeleine shared a new

  • Lady Frederick Windsor reveals details of horrific car crash - exclusive full story

    In a dramatic world exclusive interview and photoshoot with HELLO! Lady Frederick Windsor, wife of Lord Frederick Windsor, tells how she cheated death in a terrifying car crash in November 2017 and how the kindness of the royal family has aided her recovery. "It's very strange, when something huge happens to your body, you don't immediately feel the pain," the 38-year-old actress, born Sophie Winkleman, tells HELLO! "I felt lots of warmth and a strange kind of serenity. I felt like my soul was rising up and seeing everything… Yes, I did expect to die. It was extraordinary." Sophie, a mother to two