• Swedish crown jewels stolen by thieves who escaped on speed boat

    The Swedish royal family's priceless crown jewels have been stolen, it has been revealed. The thieves, who lifted two crowns and an orb dating from the 17th century from their locked glass boxes on Tuesday, managed to evade police capture by escaping on speed boats on Lake Malaren. The crown jewels were kept at the Cathedral of Strangnas, a 900-year-old church. Speaking about the theft, police spokesperson Thomas Agnevik told the media: "It's 1-0 to them right now. I have talked to someone at the county administrative board that says it is not possible to put an economic value

  • Reverend Michael Curry, who stole the show at Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding, undergoes operation for cancer

    Reverend Michael Curry, whose powerful sermon about love stole the show at Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding back in May, has undergone surgery for prostate cancer. The Episcopal Church announced the news on Tuesday after the Reverend himself spoke about his cancer diagnosis and confirmed that he was planning on having surgery to remove the prostate gland, and is expecting to have to spend four to six weeks recovering from the operation before resuming his role as presiding bishop of the church in September. Michael spoke about his diagnosis Speaking about his diagnosis, Michael said: "I am happy to say the

  • Princess Charlotte is identical to Prince William in new unearthed photo

    Princess Charlotte often gets compared to her great-grandmother, the Queen, but it has come to our attention just how much the young royal looks like her dad, Prince William, after seeing a new unearthed photo of him as a little boy. In the photo, which was taken in 1985 at home in Kensington Palace, William, aged two, is dressed in a striped top and green raincoat, and just like his son Prince George, a pair of shorts and buckle up shoes. William's facial expression in the photo is almost identical to Charlotte's in a photo taken at Prince Louis'

  • Prince Harry prompts speculation he wants to start a family soon

    Prince Harry has fuelled rumours he is hoping to start a family with his wife Meghan Markle after putting his car up for sale. The Duke of Sussex is thought to have owned his luxury Audi RS6 Avant for just over a year, but is he ready to swap the slick vehicle for a bigger family car? Harry was pictured driving the grey car to Pippa Middleton's evening wedding reception in May 2017, with his then-girlfriend Meghan. The Audi is expected to fetch a cool £71,900. It was acquired by Derbyshire-based car dealership Overton Prestige, who has listed it on

  • This royal just announced she is retiring from official duties

    Being a member of the royal family has many perks, but also comes with a lot of responsibility. Just like any other job, there is a time when those undertaking royal duties wish to retire like everyone else, with Prince Philip doing just that in May 2017. Now, the latest royal to take a step back for a well-earned rest is Princess Christina, also known as Mrs Magnusson, the younger sister of King Carl Gustav of Sweden. The 74-year-old announced the news on Wednesday to Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter (DN). She told the publication: "I don't want to be