• Inside the Duchess of Cambridge's summer - and why this year was different

    We have missing the royal family over the last few weeks as they have been enjoying their holidays, but this year marks a very different break for the Duchess of Cambridge and her family. But why? Traditionally, the family take their annual trip to Mustique in January, but this year marks a difference thanks to Prince George's first year at school. Since the youngster is now on a schedule, it means that Prince William and Kate have to plan their trips within the school holidays, just like any other family with school-age youngsters. As such, they travelled to the

  • See how Lady Amelia Windsor is celebrating her birthday

    Lady Amelia Windsor is celebrating her 23rd birthday in style! The British royal has taken to her Instagram Stories to share a series of pictures from the beach, taking it in turns to upload the words "It's Ma Burfday" in separate posts. It seems Amelia has been making the most of her summer, having jetted to various places including; Tuscany, Ibiza and Majorca. Amelia is the second daughter and youngest child of George Windsor, Earl of St Andrews. Lady Amelia Windsor has turned 23 Although the British royal didn't attend the royal wedding in May, Amelia has been making waves in