• Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden makes rare comment about bond with sister Princess Madeleine

    Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden has touched on the strong bond she shares with her younger sister Princess Madeleine, revealing that it's "awful" Madeleine lives so far from her. The mother-of-three recently relocated to Florida with her husband Chris O'Neill and their young children, meaning Madeleine and Victoria, who lives in Stockholm, have been seeing less of each other. Last week, Victoria spent five days in New York attending a United Nations Summit, but she didn't get the chance to extend her trip to Miami to see Madeleine. When asked if she would be reuniting with her sister, Victoria, 41,

  • What was Kate Middleton's net worth before she married Prince William?

    Like other members of the royal family, the Duchess of Cambridge enjoys a very privileged lifestyle. She calls Kensington Palace her home, she can afford to go on luxurious holidays, and she has a wardrobe and jewellery collection that is the envy of many around the world. But before Kate married Prince William and became a Duchess, the much-loved royal already had her own impressive fortune. Find out how Kate made her millions below… What was Kate Middleton's net worth before she married? Time has estimated that Kate's net worth stood at around £5.3million before she joined the royal family. This