• 9 unknown facts about Kate Middleton: From her connection to President George Washington to her childhood nickname - video

    As one of the world’s most influential women, the Duchess of Cambridge is under constant scrutiny, however, we’ve rounded up some of the most surprising little known facts about the birthday girl. For instance did you know that her high school nickname was squeak? Or that she’s a seventh cousin twice removed of the first US President George Washington? Kate is a noted style icon and many of the pieces she wears promptly sell out, but did you know that she used to work as an accessories buyer for popular high street store Jigsaw? See all of our most

  • Kensington Palace reacts as they are inundated with birthday wishes for Kate Middleton

    Kensington Place was inundated with birthday wishes on Wednesday morning as the Duchess of Cambridge turned 37. Thousands of royal fans took to Twitter and Instagram to celebrate Kate's birthday virtually, prompting the palace to share a lovely photo of the royal. "Thank you everyone for all your lovely messages on the Duchess of Cambridge's birthday," the caption read. The picture they chose showed Kate during her visit to the Akrotiri Royal Air Force base in Cyprus in December. The Queen's official Twitter account, The Royal Family, also posted a sweet tribute to Prince William's wife. "Happy Birthday to HRH The

  • WATCH: Kate's 37th birthday - her year in highlights

    Hip hip hooray to the Duchess of Cambridge, who celebrated her 37th birthday on Wednesday. It's been quite a year for Kate, after a busy twelve months, which saw many royal engagements and personal celebrations. The Duchess will look back at being 36 as the age that she welcomed her third child - Prince Louis - into the world, attended two royal weddings at Windsor and became an aunt to her sister Pippa Middleton's first baby. And they're just a few of the highlights! As Kate marks her birthday privately with her family, let's take a look back at

  • WATCH: Prince William attends air ambulance engagement on Kate's birthday

    The Duchess of Cambridge might be celebrating her 37th birthday on Wednesday, but it was business as usual for Prince William, who attended a royal engagement at the Royal London Hospital to mark the 30th anniversary of London's Air Ambulance Charity, for which he has just been named patron. The Duke of Cambridge, who worked as an air ambulance pilot himself, arrived at the hospital via helicopter to meet emergency responders and learn more about the development of new facilities. Speaking about the Prince's visit, chief executive of London's Air Ambulance Charity Jonathan Jenkins said: "Through his support, we aim

  • Prince William talks Kate Middleton's birthday plans

    Prince William carried out a poignant engagement with London's Air Ambulance Charity on Wednesday, but in a lighter moment, the conversation turned to his wife Kate, who was celebrating her 37th birthday at home. William was presented with a handmade card from a group of children, prompting the father-of-three to say: "Well done you for remembering, that's very impressive." He added: "I did remember this morning, so I was ok." A member of staff then asked, "Are you doing anything special today?" leaving a coy William to reply, "That would be telling!" before they all burst into laughter. Loading the player...

  • Prince William opens up about Prince Louis' latest milestone - teething!

    Prince William opened up about his children while carrying out a poignant engagement with London's Air Ambulance Charity on Wednesday. The Prince was gifted cards and presents to give to his wife Kate, who was celebrating her 37th birthday on the same day. After being presented with a squeezy helicopter toy, William said: "Amazing, that will go down extremely well," before joking about his baby boy Prince Louis' teething by adding: "Louis will be chewing that before long!" He then opened the brightly-coloured handmade card given to him for Kate and talked about Princess Charlotte, saying: "Charlotte's going to

  • Princess Charlotte will love Kate Middleton's next special engagement

    Kensington Palace announced on Wednesday that the Duchess of Cambridge will be visiting the Royal Opera House next week to meet the costume department and The Royal Ballet dancers. Kate will make the visit on Wednesday 16 January, to find out more about the scale of the costume department's work and their use of textiles, before hearing from the dancers about the design of their costumes. Kate's daughter Princess Charlotte - who enjoys taking ballet lessons and attended a special viewing of The Nutcracker ballet before Christmas - would no doubt love to accompany her mother for the special engagement.