• Prince Charles' cutest grandad moments with Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte and Prince George

  • Royal family release new official photographs of young Princess 

    Best wishes are in order for Sweden's Princess Estelle, who celebrates her seventh birthday today! To mark the happy occasion, the Swedish Royal Court have released two new official photographs on their social media account - one with her younger brother Prince Oscar as they happily ride together in a sleigh, and another showing the little Princess sweetly stroking her horse. The backdrop shows some gorgeous snowy weather, which no doubt the royal siblings had lots of fun playing in during a recent winter break. Sweet Princess Estelle is celebrating her seventh birthday - scroll down to see the new

  • Duke and Duchess of Sussex late for Morocco tour - live updates

  • Meghan Markle's tour entourage revealed - and there's no doctor on board!

    Meghan Markle flew into Casablanca airport on a delayed flight on Saturday evening to start the royal tour in Morocco with her husband Prince Harry. Meghan, who is due to give birth in just two months, travelled with an entourage of nine people, including two assistant private secretaries, three communications team members, a digital officer, a programme coordinator, a logistics coordinator and a hairdresser. However, perhaps quite surprisingly, the heavily pregnant Duchess is not travelling with a doctor. According to official sources "medical provisions have been made" for the weekend trip. LIVE UPDATES - Harry and Meghan late for Morocco

  • Why didn't Meghan Markle walk the red carpet with Prince Harry in Morocco?

    Fans eagerly awaited (for an extra two hours thanks to the delay of their commercial Air Maroc flight!) a first glimpse of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan on Saturday night as their three-day tour of Morocco began at Casablanca airport. But no sooner had video footage (see below) of the much-anticipated moment surfaced, than the questions began. Many wondered - understandably - why the usually inseparable Duke and Duchess of Sussex did not walk hand in hand, and why Harry walked the red carpet while Meghan stood slightly behind him and to the side, off the edge of the carpet.  Loading the player...