• You can no longer snack next to Rome's most famous landmarks

    Sitting next to Rome's Trevi Fountain with scoops of gelato piled high on a cone… it’s a fantasy many of us have when planning a trip to the Italian capital. But, a fantasy is all it can be from now on – the city's mayor has banned eating and drinking by famous landmarks. City Hall announced that Mayor Virginia Raggi has signed an order aimed at protecting some 40 fountains of historic or artistic interest, some of which have been vandalized or soiled over the years.   The "Gelati at the Trevi" pic is another mandatory photo when in Rome 😂 –

  • YouTube star Zoella takes fans on a tour of her new home

    Vlogger Zoella and her boyfriend Alfie Deyes have excitedly shown off their new home on YouTube. The couple moved into a new house in Brighton over the weekend, and wasted no time in giving their fans a tour, sharing videos before they had even started unpacking. MORE: See more celebrity homes here Speaking in her video, Zoe said: "I've just said to Alfie this hasn't fully sunk in yet. This is our first day moving stuff into the house. We've been packing since February. We decided to do it ourselves – don't do that. It takes so long it consumes your