• An amazing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle pop-up bar has opened - but there's a catch

    Just because you missed out on an invite to the royal wedding, it doesn't mean you can't celebrate Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's big day in style! An amazing pop-up bar has been launched in honour of the couple's special day on 19 May, offering royal-themed cocktails and decor inspired by their wedding venue at Windsor Castle, but there's a catch - it's in Washington D.C. Royal fans across the Atlantic will be able to visit the bar in the lead-up to the royal wedding, or join in the celebrations on 19 May with a special event that will be

  • Sailing in Antigua: an amazing adventure holiday for first-time sailors

    Completely lacking in any training or experience, it had never really occurred to me that it would be possible to go on a sailing holiday. I'd always assumed that this was a world that was closed to me, a world only to be enjoyed by experienced seafarers. But if you were to look at all of the places I've travelled in the last ten or so years, you'd struggle to find one that didn't involve the sea. Whether it's been a camping holiday on the Cornish coast, a road trip along the Great Ocean Road, a swim with wild