• What to do in Amsterdam in 3 days: the best things to see and do in the Dutch city

    Amsterdam has always been a favourite city break destination for visitors from the UK, and it's only set to become more popular thanks to new regular Eurostar services that run direct to Centraal station from London St Pancras. Loved for its rich culture, great nightlife and picturesque network of canals that are easily navigated on foot or bike, Amsterdam has something to entice visitors both young and old, and you can see the best of it in just 72 hours. Read on for our need-to-know guide… 1st Day: Morning: Visit Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh museum Start your trip with some culture at

  • What to do in Taipei in 3 days: the best things to see in Taiwan's capital city

    The island of Formosa is home to giddying juxtaposition of traditional and modern. Ancient temples and Buddhist Monasteries collide satisfyingly with modern architecture and vibrant night markets. Taipei has a similar feel to Hong Kong or Tokyo but on a much more manageable scale, and is easily explored in 72 hours. 1st Day Morning: Visit Taipei 101, a unique fusion of eastern balance and contemporary architecture Taipei 101 is the city’s tallest building, and an icon of contemporary Asian architecture. The tallest building in the world upon its completion in 2004, the main tower is made up of eight tapered sections, each