• Lucky Amanda Holden jets away for her 6th holiday of the year!

    While many of us are eagerly counting down the days until our summer holidays, Amanda Holden has jetted away for her SIXTH break of the year so far. The Britain's Got Talent judge, who recently said she "lives for holidays", has travelled abroad with her husband Chris and some friends. The group appear to be staying in a villa that boasts its own private pool and sea views. Amanda shared a Boomerang clip of herself jumping into the pool on Tuesday, as well as posting a photo of herself and her husband cuddling on the beach. Amanda Holden and her husband

  • LGBT activists defy law by using football shirts to display Pride flag in Russia

    While every football fan in Russia is flying their country’s flag as a way of supporting their team for the World Cup, those in the LGBT+ community are not quite as fortunate. In 2013, the Russian government enacted a federal law which criminalised the promotion and distribution of materials in support of non-traditional relationships to minors. This includes the rainbow flag, which is a symbol used all around the world for LGBT+ people to express their pride and diversity. However, in an extraordinary display of resilience, activists have found a way to fly the flag in public for the

  • There could be an extra bank holiday if England win the World Cup

    Just like Prince Harry, we don't want to jinx it, BUT… England are the closest they've been to a World Cup victory in 28 years, and now fans are already planning how they'll celebrate if they win the tournament on Sunday. So much so that the government is set to debate whether to give the nation an extra bank holiday on Monday, after an online petition was signed by over 200,000 people. The petition, created by Liam Betson, says that all those supporting England need a bank holiday as "the next day will not be pleasant for all fans". After

  • Family holidays in Malta and Gozo: A favourite destination for Hollywood - and The Queen

    With GCSE exams finally over for our 16-year-old son, taking a mini-break in Malta and its sister island of Gozo seemed the perfect opportunity to enjoy some family time ahead of a busy summer. With its stunning coastline, all-year-round temperate climate and wealth of historic sites - that include prehistoric temples, Roman catacombs, medieval towns and the legacy of the Knights of St John (the Knights of Malta), who ruled the island from 1530 to 1798 – this idyllic Mediterranean archipelago, some 50 miles south of Sicily, had all the elements to satisfy the varying interests of this family

  • You'll never believe this epic time-travelling New Year's Eve trip

    Is your New Year’s Eve usually nothing more than a glass or two of lukewarm Prosecco, Jools Holland on the TV and bed by 12.03 am? Then prep yourself for a NYE holiday that would make even the Kardashians jealous – in fact, it’s so brilliant you would get to ring in 2019, twice. Racing Time is a new luxury travel package where you get to unleash your inner time traveller and see in the New Year in both Sydney, Australia and Maui in Hawaii, plus stops in Las Vegas and Hong Kong. So how does this once-in-a-lifetime New