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Established / Regular feed users: Just click on the icon to grab the feed address and put it into your homepage or feed reader.

Enjoy's celebrity news!!

New users: If you see a headline that interests you, you just click on it and you'll be taken straight to the full story, with pictures, on our website. It's FREE and as SIMPLE as that.

This kind of feed is also known as Atom Feed, or RSS. Interested? Just follow our two-minute, two-step start-up to enjoy celebrity news in this new and exciting way!!



1. STEP ONE: Choose a feed reader

Here are four popular choices:

- Google Reader

- Bloglines

- Google personalised homepage

2. STEP TWO: Put the HELLO! address into the 'subscribe' area of the reader you decide to use

The HELLO! address is:

The 'subscribe' area for each of the feed readers we've proposed is as follows:

Google Reader: You'll be asked to create a Google account if you don't already have one, which takes one minute. After you return to the reader 'home page', click on 'your subscriptions', then 'add a feed'. Copy the link above to the box and click 'preview'. You'll then get a preview of the free headlines. To finalise the free subscription, click on 'subscribe' above the first headline. To view any of the headlines, just mouse over them and click. You can also read the stories by clicking on 'show original item'. Save the Google Reader by adding to your favourites, bookmarking it or signing in via your Google account details. Of course, you can also add other feeds from the sites you regularly visit.

Google screenshot

Bloglines: You'll also be asked to create an account which takes less than one minute, and then reconfirm your details via a link in an email sent to your address. Once you are on your start page, please click on 'subscribe to my selections'. Then, enter the feed link above into the box and click 'subscribe'. Click on the link which refers to on the left-hand side, and the most recent headlines will appear on the right-hand side.

Bloglines screenshot

Google personalised homepage: Again, you'll be asked to create a Google account if you don't already have one, which takes a minute. When you are directed to your new personalised home page, click on 'add content' on the top left-hand side of the page. Then, click on 'create a section' and add the link we've given to you above to the box. Click 'go', and you have our celebrity headlines at your fingertips at all times! To save this page, just sign in via your new Google account on the 'personalised home' link on the Google homepage. Of course, you can also save to your favourites and bookmark it!

Google personalised homepage screenshot


Now you can sit back and let our busy little News Feed do the work, bringing you the very latest celebrity news as it happens, with!

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