Why Having Fun Doesn't Have To Cost Money in Liverpool


With finances continuing to be tough for a number of households the thought of spending money on ourselves has become somewhat frowned upon. However, having fun needn’t cost a fortune and one place to prove this is so is Liverpool.







A metropolitan city with a large population, Liverpool has a number of different activities designed to cater to its local residents. Whatever your tastes you can find fun in Liverpool on any budget. This vast selection of choice means that individuals are able to take advantage of competitive prices and offers which are routinely offered.

This means that having fun and spending money on yourself needn’t be something which is treated with discontent. Instead, following the example set by places such as Liverpool, individuals can make sure that they enjoy themselves whilst making amazing savings.

These savings will be offered on a range of expenses, including those incurred by everyday shopping as well as those spent on other activities such as bowling and spa treatments. These are perhaps some of the most common discounts which are offered and are available to local residents on a regular basis.

Health and Fitness
Those interested in losing weight and getting healthier were pleased to find that Body Burner Boot Camp offered individuals the chance to ditch the pounds with seven 60minute outdoor classes for under £10 instead of costing £70!

This offered individuals a total saving of 86% meaning that they were able to lose weight and save money at the same time – something which encouraged more than 900 people to take advantage of the offer.

Beauty Treatments
Alongside this great deal, individuals from Liverpool were also made to feel happier in their skin thanks to some great beauty treatments and products which were on offer. This offer was provided via the Body Shop and gave customers the chance to purchase £30 worth of products for just £12, saving them 60% off the original price. This offer was valid across the entire range of products excluding gift-card purchases and was used by more than 1000 people.

Night Away
Over 800 people who were looking for a night away at a hotel were able to take advantage of a fantastic offer provided by Forest Hills Hotel in Liverpool Deals such as this offered customers great discounts, equating to 67% or £101. This was because an overnight stay for two people was priced at just £49 instead of £150. This meant that people were able to get a luxurious, indulgent experience without incurring hefty price tag because of it.