Cheap flights; indulge your inner celebrity without breaking the bank

We all dream of living the jet-set lifestyle, the ability to decide on a whim to get on a private jet and head off to exotic destinations to party like a rock star. Winter nights combined with the long wait for summer focus the mind on prospective fun in the sun and now may be the time to indulge your inner celebrity.



It may be too late to rearrange your festive commitments but if you fancied spending New Year in the company of the glitterati on the Costa del Sol, then take the opportunity to sort out flights to Malaga in time to welcome 2012 with sangria rather than Champagne.

The economic situation in certain parts of Europe has been front page news for months but that shouldn’t be a reason to stay in Britain and pretend that the continent is a no-go area, if anything, it is an excellent reason to dig out the swimwear and hit the beach. Unsurprisingly, the internet is the place to start looking for great deals that won’t break the bank.

The prudent consumer wants to see the best deals presented in a logical format and companies that specialise in providing that service are now the first port of call. Companies may advertise bargain flights 24/7 but flight deal publishers such as CheapFlights have been created specifically to show the prospective traveller just what is out there; providing the navigation tools to take you where you actually want to go. They act as an online guru by publishing the best daily deals available from a variety of sources.

What is the difference between a company such as CheapFlights and other established internet travel sites? The answer is quite simple: a flight deal publisher provides guidance while an internet travel site exists to sell a range of services by utilising bulk discounts in the same way that a high street travel agent does. With only a few clicks of the mouse, a world of possibilities open up.

The recent TV programme Pan Am may make us yearn for the ‘golden age’ of air travel when flying was a glamorous pastime enjoyed only by beautiful people, the rich and celebrities. However, this rose-tinted view masks the fact that affordable air travel has in fact been well within the reach of everyone since the 1970s and millions of people have taken the opportunity to expand their horizons in the past 40 years.

One reason is the continued popularity of no-frills carriers and the expansion in serviced routes (especially in Europe), but the bottom line is that consumers have become more educated in the options that are available. Technology has helped fuel desires to see the world, to feel part of the jet-set but on a more realistic budget.

Whether you fancy exploring Beijing, Barcelona and Budapest or drinking Manhattans in New York and sipping Mojitos in Miami, the world is at your fingertips. Online travel options are available at your fingertips when you feel the urge to change your scenery and indulge your inner A-lister.

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