Contemporary touches to bring your home up-to-date

Each year we read about the upcoming trends in interior design. That this style is the must have for this season. However, we simply can’t update our living space every twelve months – it just wouldn’t be practical, not to mention cost effective. There are little things you can do though; small touches to instantly breathe life into a room and keep you up with contemporary changes.

These are just a few tips you can use for a quick makeover that avoids the time and effort of a complete revamp.




Replacing your old window coverings will instantly bring extra light into any room. Quality venetian blinds for example will immediately give a home a more modern touch creating an up-to-date style.

A choice of metal, wood, or even aluwood (aluminium wood effect), venetian blinds have the major advantage of being able to control the light in a room with just the flick of a wrist. Look out for special finishes such as wood effect PVC blinds that are perfect for wet areas, such as a bathroom or even a wetroom.

If you decide to go venetian, choose from the large range available from a specialist company like Hillarys Blinds.

Upcycled furniture

Bringing a modern and contemporary touch to your home isn’t just about buying new furniture. A popular trend currently making a huge impact in the UK is upcycled furniture. This involves the reinvention of old and even antique furniture into bright, unique and individual pieces. There are no rules for what can be upcycled, so try painting a dresser in bright contrasting colours or a vintage chair in eye catching pink.

Focal point with minimalist style

You can bring a contemporary touch to any room by creating one focal point and decorating the room in more of a minimalist style to draw attention to this. You don’t necessarily have to introduce a new focal point to the room. Try and work with what you have. If you have a stone fireplace for example don’t clutter your furniture around this. Only use what’s necessary for the purpose of the room. Not only will this make it feel more airy and bright, it will also keep the attention firmly on the focus of the room.


Try combining man-made and natural materials in your home. Glass furniture or metallic tiles for example contrast beautifully against wooden flooring and use stainless steel appliances, drawer pulls and cabinet tops in the kitchen alongside natural cabinets. Touches like this may require a little revamp of the home, but they’re lasting changes worth making and they’ll keep your home feeling up-to-date and stylish for years to come.

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