Luxury travel without breaking the bank

We all wish we could live the celebrity life. Jetting round the world and relaxing in the plushest of destinations. Stepping out on the red carpet every night. Unfortunately for us mere mortals it doesn’t happen like that, but there are times you can get that little taste of a-list treatment and it feels great. So next time you travel – take into account our top tips for luxury travel without breaking the bank. You know it will be worth it.






Take advantage of your car parking options

Yes we’d like to turn up to the airport in a limo, have someone open the doors for us and waltz through to first class. Unfortunately without mega bucks that just isn’t going to happen, but there are ways to get that real celeb feeling. Parking at Manchester Airport for example enables you to drive right up to terminal and take advantage of a valet parking service. You’ll then get fast tracked through check in and security. That sounds to us like proper VIP treatment. You’re car will also be safe whilst your away. We know, that’s not the most glamorous of thoughts, but even celebs need to think a little practically too.

Make sure you lounge

You’ve probably tried it before. Strolling up to first class lounge with your sunglasses still on talking of P. Diddy and Posh and Becks; maybe pretending to talk to one of them on the phone. Remember what happened? You were frog-marched out with your tail between your legs. There’s a solution now though. If you’re flying from Manchester Airport you can take advantage of their Escape Lounge where you’ll get all the celebrity treatment for only a small cost. Once in you can pretend to talk on your phone to whoever you want.

Dress to impress

OK this one might not work every time, but it pays to look the part even if you aren’t the part. Airlines often sell out. There’s a small chance you may get bumped up to at least business class. We know what you’re thinking it doesn’t happen; but it does. It won’t happen if you turn up in your tracksuit bottoms and hoodie with your hair bedraggled. Always always dress smart if you’re flying long haul – you never know what may happen.

Pick the right destination

Celebs go where we go. If you’ve dreamed of lounging on the terrace at Space in Ibiza, rubbing shoulders with the clubbing elite you can do it. They don’t know how you got there or where you’re staying. You can fly budget to any number of top celeb summer destinations. Not only Ibiza, think Monte Carlo and Marbella. If you save your budget on your travel and accommodation you can still look the part in flash destinations. Perfect.

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