Bug Free Holidays

With all the rain and drizzle we have been subjected to lately, many of us are planning to head off on holiday in search of a bit of sunshine. To make sure you stay as healthy as possible during your long-awaited break it’s best to be prepared by packing a few useful herbal remedies.

Whilst women travellers suffer more frequently from diarrhoea and cold related illnesses, men are more prone to catching diseases such as malaria and hepatitis. It is believed that one’s sex has an influence on one’s health and determines which illnesses men and women are more susceptible to.



Take insect repellents as an example. Researchers are trying to discover why men appear to be more attractive to malaria-carrying mosquitoes than women. Mosquitoes seek out blood using their sense of smell. One of the theories is that men seem to produce more of the scents favoured by mosquitoes than women. Amongst their favourite scents are carbon dioxide, sweat and skin particles, all of which are produced in greater quantities in men than in women. Insect repellents are water soluble and if a person produces a lot of sweat – and on the whole, men tend to be more sweaty than women – then they need to keep reapplying the insect repellent in order for it to be reliable. The best type of insect repellent to go for is a herbal one containing neem oil which is free of Deet and suitable for all the family. Remember to test the neem repellent on a small area of skin first to make sure there is no sensitivity to it.

For those who do not travel well, ginger can help ease those feelings of nausea associated with travelling and help to stop vomiting. It can help with the production and release of bile and also with the digestion of fats. Perfect for travel sickness, dodgy food or overindulgence in rich foods.

Emergency Essence is ideal for those with a fear of flying and can be taken up to every 15 minutes if needed without fear of overdosing or adverse reactions to other medicines.

For anyone going on holiday, whether at home or abroad, there is always the worry that a tummy upset could spoil the whole experience. Should the worst happen, a complex containing tormentil and avena sativa should help improve the condition, working effectively and quickly for diarrhoea. Make sure you drink enough fluids to help prevent dehydration. If the condition does not improve within 36 hours however, a doctor should be consulted.

Those who love to party should make sure they have milk thistle to hand to help break down alcohol and toxins in the liver. Taken before and after going out and again in the morning should help strengthen the liver.

It is a good idea to pack arnica in gel form should any injury or bruising occur whilst on holiday. It is easy to apply, absorbs quickly and can help relieve aches, pains, strains and bruising.

It can be very easy to pick up bugs when travelling due to having to be in such close proximity to others in planes, trains, buses and so forth. Germs can remain on surfaces such as door handles for hours, so hands should be washed whenever possible. Keep a spray containing echinacea and sage handy to help ward off those cold and flu bugs. Take alongside an extract of echinacea to help strengthen your immune system.

If your holiday takes you across different time zones, you will no doubt suffer from the effect of jet lag and have difficulty sleeping for the first day or so. The sedative action of valerian, especially when combined with hops, can help get you get back to your normal sleeping pattern. It is quickly absorbed and will start to work within 20 minutes.

Armed with these remedies, you will be able to tackle most of the problems faced by holidaymakers and reduce the risk of falling ill when you should be enjoying yourself.

Bon voyage!

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