Shaping up your home the shabby chic way

The ever-popular interior style, shabby chic, is going from strength to strength and doesn’t seem to show any sign of slowing down in its popularity, and it’s not hard to see why. The vintage, cosy Parisian town look suits interiors regardless of their size which means it’s really versatile. It’s also easy to achieve on a budget. So, think wrought iron bed frames, floral, kitch prints, wooden venetian blinds and stripped floorboards, and you’re good to go!



Here’s an easy guide on creating your very own shabby chic abode.


Waxed, stripped wooden floorboards are perfect for this theme. If you’re in the process of redecorating and have been considering a carpet – don’t. Shabby chic is all about worn in wooden floor boards so rip up your carpet and you’ll instantly notice the difference.

If you want to try something a bit different, give your floorboards a white wash – don’t worry about ensuring that every crack is painted, it’s supposed to look rustic! Bear in mind though, if you’re going to use a whitewash for the floor, don’t use too much cream furnishing throughout the same room as white and cream will just clash.


Bureaus, dressers and linen cabinets are all big players in creating the perfect shabby chic abode. If you’re a perfectionist, details such as vintage brass door knobs will add a gorgeous final touch.

If you can, ditch your dusty curtains and instead opt for wooden blinds. Not only practical, stylish wooden blind selections are great for creating the shabby chic look as they’re not restricted to a fabric or colour scheme unlike curtains. Half open blinds allow gorgeous soft palls of light to cast a glow onto your room when the sun is shining. This warmth will add a rich glow to your theme.

Shelves and dressers should be wooden. Duck egg blue is a popular shade to paint cabinets – don’t be afraid to be bold with your furniture. Wicker or wrought iron chairs will also add grandeur to any room but don’t forget to add a throw or printed cushion to soften this look.


Floral patterns and delicate prints on cushions, throws and table cloths will make a huge difference. Shabby chic is all about the mixing and matching of prints and tones of the same theme; polks dots, stripes, bunting and other fabrics of the same theme will transform your home. Avoid dark shades and bold neons; shabby chic is all about gentle tones that blend into one another. These accessories are easy to administer and relatively cheap to get hold of so if you’re redecorating on a budget you won’t be affected. Popular accessories for a shabby chic home include wrought iron bird cages, elaborate coat stands and old fashioned phones.

One of the best things about shabby chic is its love affair with second hand, vintage and mismatch items – it means you don’t have to fork out for expensive, ultra-modern furniture. In fact you’ll probably find that your home is already bursting with shabby chic trinkets, and it doesn’t matter if everything doesn’t exactly fit together perfectly, that’s what the look is all about!

This also allows for originality, so as popular as the theme may be, it will always look unique with your carefully selected vintage trinkets and layering of prints. As a tip, if you’re worried that having shabby chic clutter will make your living space feel claustrophobic then opt for a big gilded mirror that will maximise your space perfectly.

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