Injuries in the workplace – who'd have thought it?

You might have thought the biggest danger in the office is accidently sending an email to the wrong person. It can be embarrassing, but at least the only thing injured is your dignity. Yes we know that's important and it may feel like you’re going to need the next week off, but at least you're not hurt.



But what happens when you do actually suffer an accident at work? Do these even happen in an office; it's not as if you're facing danger every day you step out your front door is it?

Here we take a look at some accidents at work that you may not have thought about, but which accident compensation solicitors will tell you; you could make a claim for.

Watch out when you're typing

You may have heard about workers in factories suffering repetitive strain injuries from continually using equipment, but did you know this can happen to office workers too? This kind of injury usually involves problems with the muscles, nerves and tendons. It can involve pain and swelling of the wrist, most commonly on the thumb side or pain and swelling in the fingers. If your job involves continual typing, it's a problem that may occur and you should be aware of it.

Workstation ergonomics also play their part. It's important to ensure that you set your workstation up properly and make sure it works correctly with your body. Position your chair, monitor and keyboard in a position that is comfortable but that also encourages good posture. Remember you'll be sitting there for 8 hours a day, five days a week. If you don't have everything set up properly, this could increase the chance of suffering a repetitive strain injury. If you need a piece of equipment, ask your employer who should provide you with what you require for you to do your job in a safe and effective way.

Is this even an accident? Technically not, but injuries such as this do happen in the workplace . If this happens to you, you can make a claim against your employer for personal injury compensation.

Be careful when you're lifting

It's not just construction workers who need to be careful when lifting. Whatever you lift – whether files, equipment or computer paper for example – you need to lift properly. Before you lift anything make sure it's not too heavy and if it is ask a supervisor to help you. If you feel you can lift it, it's important to make sure you lift from the knees.

Don't slip and fall off the career ladder

Slip, trip and falls in offices are surprisingly common and can easily result in injury. It's important to stay alert when walking round the office, but equally to ensure there is adequate storage space for files, papers and such like. You can seriously injure yourself like this which could result in an extended period off work.

What does this mean for a personal injury claim?

You may ask why you would want to make a personal injury claim against your work. After all wouldn't that set you back in your career? You may think like this initially, but accidents at work can cause you significant costs such as medical bills, travel costs and even home modifications depending on the severity of your injuries so it's certainly something you should consider..

All employers have a duty of care to their employees in relation to providing proper equipment, training and competent members of staff. If you suffer repetitive strain from not having training on the best way to sit, have been injured carrying something too heavy or have slipped over some files not stored away this could be viewed as a breach of that duty.

You might not think it when you leave the house, but it could happen. Make sure you know your options.

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