Celebrity Family Hotspots


As the bitter British weather continues to send shivers down our spines, more and more of us start to dream about those summer days that existed once upon a time. The sun’s rays caressing our skin, white sand beaches tickling our feet and the sweet taste of cocktails slipping down our throats; what could be better? But in reality, finding that perfect holiday isn’t always as easy as you’d hope, especially if you’re planning for you and the kids. Well, not to fear! We’re looking towards those trusty celebs for a helping hand; if they can’t provide us with inspiration, then who can? So grab your passports, your camera and your annual travel insurance for a family, as we check out a few of our favourite celebrity family hotspots.

Celebrity Family Hotspots

Dodgeball and Wedding Crasher’s star Vince Vaughan has been known to treat his wife and young daughter to the stunning snowy landscapes of Canada. Often visiting The Fairmont Banff Springs, Vaughan likes nothing better than enjoying a little luxury with his family at this magical resort. Named ‘the Castle in the Rockies,’ it’s no wonder why this place is so popular with visitors, as it provides the royal treatment with a ‘Willow Stream Spa’ and the finest dining experiences. However, if you do decide to follow in this actor’s footsteps and head to The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, then don’t forget your winter sports insurance, as the opportunity to stick on a pair of skis and take to the mountains will seem too irresistible to ignore!

When you think Mexico, what springs to mind? Tequila, sombreros, burritos? Admittedly, a family holiday might not be a first thought, but for Jessica Alba is certainly is. Being of Mexican descent, the famous actress wanted to share with her two children the wonderful experiences which this country has to offer. Cancun is a top hotspot to visit in Mexico, and has wide range of activities for the kids to get involved in. From swimming with dolphins to exploring a jungle tour, there are plenty of ways to occupy all the family. Although, if you’re in need of some relaxation then don’t panic; there are a number of beaches across Cancun for you to enjoy. Like soaking up the sun? Then visiting Mexico is the best way to say ‘adios’ to those miserable rainy days.

Disney World
No matter who you are, taking a vacation in Disney World will not only make you extremely popular with your kids, but it will also bring out your inner child; we promise! Singing sensation Christina Aguilera can vouch for this, after taking her son to this enchanting place for his birthday. Enjoying the company of Disney favourites such as Cinderella and Daffy Duck, the family made the most of their trip by visiting the Animal Kingdom, being spotted on classic rides like the TriceraTop Spin and the Kilimanjaro Safaris amongst several others. However, if the Animal Kingdom isn’t your thing then why not walk the plank at the Pirates of the Caribbean? Or scare yourself silly in the Haunted Mansion? Let’s face it; Disney World never fails to entertain, so why not take the family and witness the magic yourselves?