Tips for getting your car ready for winter

Tips for getting your car ready for winter

Winter is well and truly upon us, so if you haven’t yet ensured your car is winter ready, now is the time to do so. The back end of 2012 saw heavy rain up and down the country, which badly affected many of the roads in the UK. So what will 2013 bring? If you believe the reports we’re set for a lot more rain. Could we get snow? It’s likely. So there’s never been a more important time than now, to make sure your car is winter-ready and ship-shape to battle the elements.


Tips for getting your car ready for winter



Here’s where you should start:

Get breakdown cover
If you breakdown on the motorway, or even just lock your keys in the car by accident when de-icing, breakdown cover as part of your car insurance policy can potentially save you hundreds of pounds. So when you’re looking at cheap car insurance quotes from Swinton for example, it’s worthwhile including breakdown cover as part of your policy.

Take your car in for a service
Yes your car may have a valid MOT, but to be really sure it’s prepared for the poor weather conditions you may want to get it serviced as soon as possible. As well as a full service, make sure mechanics check and replace the anti-freeze in your car’s radiator, offering you an added layer of protection against a winter breakdown. You may also want to consider changing the battery. Normally batteries survive about two to four years, so if yours is around that age it’s certainly worthwhile looking into getting it replaced – or at the very least checked out.

As well as getting your car serviced by professionals, there are a few personal checks you should do before hitting the road.

Clean your lights
In this poor weather, your lights can become dirty very quickly. Always make sure you wipe them down before setting off on your journey, as well as checking the bulbs are working – this is essential to help other road users see you when visibility is poor.

Check your tyres
How deep is the tread on your tyres? If it’s starting to wear down then you won’t be able to grip the road in icy conditions. If the tread isn’t deep enough change the tyres. Also make sure they are inflated to the recommended levels provided by the manufacturer. You should do this for all the tyres including the spare.

Make sure your windscreen is clean and wipers are in full working order
In bad conditions you need to be able to see clearly through your windscreen. If the visibility is poor this can be hampered further by a dirty windscreen. Always make sure this is clean and that your wipers are in good condition and that your screen washer is adequately topped up. If your wipers are worn, get them replaced before driving in poor weather conditions.

Driving in winter is a necessity for many of us, so it’s important to make sure you stay safe; starting with the condition of your car.



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