Keeping your business going during winter

Just because the winter weather is bad, doesn’t mean life should stop. As soon as the first snow falls it can seem like the country comes to a complete standstill. Whilst for those going to work every day in the office it’s great if it’s closed for a couple of days, or if not they can always change up their travel arrangements to take into account the bad weather. As a tradesman, you just don’t have that luxury. A couple of days away from the job means less money come the festive season, and your van is you livelihood. You need to keep going.

Whilst you should compare van insurance quotes and get all aspects of your insurance sorted before the cold weather starts to bite, when it does arrive you’ll need to make some changes to your vehicle and your daily routine.


Keeping your business going during winter



Here’s where you should start.

• Check all your levels
• Replace the anti-freeze in your radiator
• Make sure your windscreen is clean and ensure you add anti-freeze screen wash
• Check all your lights, whether front rear or internal
• Investigate the state of your battery, if it looks like it needs replacing now’s the time to move, not a couple of weeks down the line when the weather worsens
• Always check your tyres and make sure they’re inflated

You need to make sure all this is completed at the start of winter, but as the bad weather really starts up you need to change up your daily routine. No doubt you get an early start each day as it is, but you need to kick things off even earlier each day. After all, those important jobs in the run up to Christmas just can’t wait.

Here’s what you need to do.

• Give yourself at least a 15-10 minute head start each so you can get your van ready to set off
• If there’s been a frost or snow over night and the windscreen is frozen, don’t just take the easy option and clear a small area of it – make sure you put the windscreen heater on and clear the ice with de-icer and a scraper
• It’s not just about getting away quickly in the morning, you also need to think about what it will be like when you get home after a long day – spread grit or salt to help prevent re-freezing
• You’ll also need a plan in place when it comes to your actual journey. If you’re starting a new job that day make sure you know exactly where you’re going and can plan a route that involves sticking to the main roads – you also need to keep an eye on the weather and know what it’s excepted to do later

Your business shouldn’t stop. It’s time to get planning.