A little Easter sunshine


The lead up to April every year spells one thing – ISA season. While many of us will be ensuring we use up this year’s ISA allowance (whether cash or stocks and shares ISA allowance) or make decisions on the best way to save our money, sometimes we need a break from the important financial decisions in our lives.

With Easter being early this year, it falls right before ISA season and could spell the perfect tonic for some time away from thinking about our finances. But being early, we can’t always be guaranteed sunshine at home; so where do you look this year for some Easter sunshine?
Here are our favourite spots.


Marrakesh, Morocco
Marrakesh offers the perfect city break combined with a little sunshine. The landscape will still be green and the temperatures will be just right, making the time you spend exploring the tight, intertwining streets and the many bazaars just perfect. It’s also just hot enough to spend some time relaxing by the pool.

Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
The Canary Islands have long been favourites amongst British holidaymakers looking for some springtime sunshine, with Tenerife a top choice. Temperatures towards the end of March will be averaging around the 22°C mark, making it the perfect solace for those looking for a little beach time. But Tenerife offers so much more than time spent on the beach. There’s the stunning volcanic backdrop of Mount Teide and the national park surrounding it, the cliffs at Los Gigantes, boat trips out to sea, golf courses and tourist spots like Siam Park. It’s the perfect destination for all the family.

Madeira, Portugal
Making the trip to this gentle island in spring is the best time to come, as the rainy season is over leaving the countryside lush and green. Stretch your legs with the levada walks – trails alongside many mini-irrigation canals; or if that sounds like a little too much exercise you can simply take a load off and relax in town.
Temperatures at the end of March will be hitting 20°C – ideal for a little sunshine break.

Mumbai, India
If you fancy a longer holiday at this time of year, visiting this fascinating Indian city makes real sense. The weather at the end of March is relatively cool and dry offering plenty of chances to immerse yourself in the chaotic, full on and glamorous atmosphere that makes this city an absolute must see.

This African country has started to appear on “what’s hot” lists for a couple of years now and offers a lot for a holiday at the end of March. You’ll find breathtaking beach settings, resorts that don’t suffer from too much overcrowding and a unique culture. And what’s more, it’s surprisingly cheap when travelling from the UK.

What will this Easter bring for you?