Celeb Luxury: Interior Designs


When it comes to good taste, celebs are the ones to turn to. After years of being pampered, preened and living in the most lavish surroundings, if there’s anything the rich and famous know, it’s how to decorate a bedroom fit for a king. From plush leather sofas to the comfiest quality duvet covers; when you envision celeb luxury, only the finest, most exquisite decor springs to mind. Interested? Then there’s nothing stopping you from achieving the same quality of style.

Celeb Luxury: Interior Designs


Thanks to the likes of Kylie Minogue and Coleen Rooney creating their own interior design lines, celeb luxury is readily available for anybody who wants it, all at affordable prices. Want a touch of celebrity glamour in your home? Then here’s how.

Kylie Minogue
One of the loveliest ladies in showbiz, Kylie Minogue has extended her talents on stage and screen to the interior design world. With a whole host of new and exciting home products, the former Neighbours star has really proven that everyone can enjoy celebrity living if they want to. Take her bedding line for instance. Exuding romance and Art Deco influences, Kylie’s bedding range definitely comes with all the frills. Rich in silk and soft cotton, her designs are full of ruffled adornments and sumptuous satin pleats. And with the odd diamante here and there, there’s no escaping her sparkling personality. Like the idea of living the higher life? Then Kylie’s your go to girl.

Coleen Rooney
Famous for her WAG antics and love for fashion, Coleen Rooney has used her popularity to help her get ahead in the interior decorating world. Forget about high heels and football matches; Coleen’s far more at home with creating new designs and shopping for bedding. Don’t believe us? Then just check out her bedroom range. Bringing glitz and glam to your summer boudoir, Coleen’s collection exudes personality. Combining vibrant hot pinks with sleek and sexy blacks, this bedding will certainly bring out your inner diva. Or alternatively, if the bold and the beautiful don’t appeal, Mrs Rooney also shows her mellow side with her ‘Cream collection’ bedding. The choice is yours!

Kirstie Allsopp
If all singing all dancing celebrity glamour is too much for you to handle, then you could always embrace a little luxury with Kirstie Allsopp’s range of home designs. Taking a traditional approach to interior trends, Allsopp’s look is ideal for those who’d prefer a quirky quaint country style. Making the most of 2013’s love of prints, the TV presenter’s collection is fresh, fun and full of florals. Combining sweet polka dot prints with cosy chequered patterns, Allsopp’s bedding is gorgeously girly and perfect for the summer months. Especially if you’re a fan of vintage, her bedding would work wonderfully with weathered light wood furnishings and pretty patchwork designs. Want to achieve that country charm with a hint of celebrity style? Then Kirstie Allsopp’s range is one to watch out for.

It’s as simple as that! If you’re searching for celeb luxury, then online shopping has it all. So don’t miss out!