Most romantic celebrity proposals

The story of your proposal is one that you will be telling and re-telling for years to come and therefore you want it to be perfect!

Every day, thousands of question-poppers trawl the internet in search of advice on how to propose, and now there are even consultancy companies sprouting up, promising to help you turn your far-fetched proposal fantasy into a reality, one that hopefully ends with a ‘yes’.

That’s not to say people don’t still get it wrong. According to a 2011 survey by The Knot and Men's Health, 26% of women didn't like the way their fiancés proposed, and 36% of brides said they'd upgrade their engagement ring if they could. A survey of nearly 17,000 AA Cars members found that 1 in 33 lucky ladies will be proposed to in the car, so if on your next Tesco’s trip you notice your beau gazing lovingly at you by the dashboard light while nervously reaching for the glove box, it might be time to perform an emergency stop.

Marry me

But never fear; all is not lost. There are still some true romantics out there that know how to get it right. Here are some of the most heart-warming celeb engagement stories to restore your faith in love…

Christina Aguilera & Jordan Bratman

While on holiday in California, music executive Bratman proposed to pop diva Christina Aguilera in a hotel room filled with gift boxes, each containing a present and a self-penned love poem. After she opened the last box (to reveal a five-carat ring), Bratman got down on one knee and popped the question.

Seal & Heidi Klum

Although the marriage didn’t work out Seal’s 2004 marriage proposal is definitely one for the record books. The British-born singer whisked Heidi to a 14,000 foot high natural glacier in the Canadian Rockies, where he had built an igloo, complete with a bed, three-course meal, champagne and of course, roses.


Pink & Carey Hart

Punky pop singer P!nk took matters of the heart into her own hands when she proposed to her motocross beau Carey Hart. While supporting Hart at the 2005 Pro 250 Class Finals in California, the notoriously controversial songstress stood to the side of the track holding a pit board, saying, "Will you marry me?" On his next lap, she predicted Hart's confusion and held up a second sign saying, "I'm serious!" Needless to say Carey made a quick pit-stop to say ‘yes’.

Matthew McConaughey & Camila Alves

Not that we needed another reason to adore Hollywood hunk Matthew McConaughey, but his proposal story certainly feeds the obsession. He proposed to the mother of his children Camila Alves at Christmas."During Christmastime we go around as a family and everyone gets their turn to open presents. I had wrapped the engagement ring in about eight different boxes deep so she'd have to keep opening boxes to get to it. And because we go around and take turns on who's opening presents, she had to wait about 15 times before opening it. She was getting more and more frustrated saying, "Why can't I open that present?" And I said, "You have to wait til the end." Finally she got to the final box and I take a knee and I said, "Will you marry me and take my name?" 

So there you have it, from glacial helicopter rides to motocross pit stops, irrefutable evidence that it is still possible to create a magical and romantic proposal.

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