Which TV host was presented with the best luck in 2014?


There are many different ways that luck can tap you on the shoulder or pat you on the back. For four popular TV guys, 2014 has seen them enjoy good fortune in a variety of guises.

Steve Jones


Steve Jones married his long-term girlfriend in 2014

Let’s start with Steve Jones – going from being seen as a teen hunk presenter to The X Factor USA, it seemed that fortune was on his side. Yet, all that turned sour when he was replaced after the first season. Of course, viewers had already been lucky with his appearance a few years back, without the need of a constraining shirt, in the film Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging. Now working on TV presenting both Hair and Weekend Kitchen with Waitrose, you might wonder where luck has particularly hit this year for Steve. Well, in his personal life; seeming to be an eternal bachelor, with a string of exes, he finally found the love that mattered and, towards the end of the year, revealed that he had married his long-time girlfriend Phylicia Jackson.

Warwick Davis

A more traditional stroke of luck has moved popular star Warwick Davis’ career in another direction in the last twelve months. A long film CV has seen him appear in two of the great franchises: Star Wars (including the latest movie due out late in 2015) and Harry Potter. To this you can add Willow, Jack the Giant Slayer and many more. Yet, in the last few months, we’ve seen a different side to this likeable starWeekend Escapes saw Warwick and his family enjoy some breaks around the UK. More recently, he hosted a revamped version of classic favourite Celebrity Squares. Bob Monkhouse’s original was a hard act to follow, but, although a surprise choice, Warwick showed any good luck to be matched with a quick-witted sense of fun of his own.

Nick Hancock

An entirely different kind of fortune was enjoyed by veteran TV presenter and comedian Nick Hancock. A passionate Stoke City fan, Nick bought the legendary Sir Stanley Matthew’s 1953 FA Cup Winner’s medal in 2001 for the substantial sum of £20K. He was tempted to sell it for £50K just a few months back, but resisted. When he then entered it into an auction at Sotheby’s, he wryly observed after the sale that “I felt it might be my lucky day”. It had just sold for £220,000 – making it the most expensive sports medal in UK history!

James Corden


Finally, in the lucky TV presenter category, how could we ignore James Corden? After all his acting and writing success in the last few years, even he admitted to being fairly astonished, a few months ago, when he was offered the chance to be the new regular host of the prestige US talk show, The Late Late Show on the CBS network.

Four diverse TV presenters, each lucky in a different way. Who will fortune favour in the year to come? Well it could be you, especially if you take the time to visit the all-new sparkling site of those fun folk at Wink Bingo. In old movies, the phrase “your number’s up” often signified bad fortune, but, for the millions who enjoy the fun of bingo, the opposite could well prove to be true in the year to come. Be lucky!

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