Song For Your Loved One

Song For Your Loved One is the touchingly unique gift idea written and crafted by the hugely talented singer-songwriter Lotte Mullan whose music has featured in films by Ridley Scott, the LOVEFILM ad and BBC Radio 2.

Once you have decided to indulge someone special in this thoughtful gift the process is simple; provide as much information on your Loved One as you can and Lotte will write the most beautiful song incorporating everything you have shared with her (this can be via her ‘Inspiration Form’, Skype or even meeting up in person if you wish). Your song will then be recorded, either as an acoustic piece, or a larger production with a string section, full on big band - there has even been call for the London Philharmonic! However you choose to do it, this thoughtful gift is the best way to say everything to someone who means everything to you and they can keep it forever.


For the Proposal – never ordinarily the easiest of questions to prepare for, never mind if she or he says ‘no’ how do you make it different? How do you make it really really memorable? How do you stand out from everyone else? Song For Your Loved One is the answer. No stumbling over your words – Lotte will make sure it sounds absolutely perfect ensuring everything you want to say will be said, and after all the effort you’ve been through – how can they say “no”!

For the Hen – aside from the lost weekends away, dancing till dawn, drinking a little too much and eating too much with your best girlfriends why not indulge the bride to be in something seriously touching from her best girlfriends – you provide the anecdotes, memorable moments even those embarrassing school stories and Lotte will turn it into the perfect present to mark a very special weekend away.

The Wedding Dance – when you choose a first dance you try to be original, steer away form the obvious but select something where the words ring true to you both. Take that one step further and have a song created for you by an acclaimed artist – it’ll also provide a touching favour for your guests to leave with. Why not invite Lotte to sing the song at your wedding, or have a lesson with Lotte so you can confidently perform it for your guests?

This gift can be tailored for many other events, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, the birth of your baby – it’s a once in a lifetime gift for all occasions.


Song For Your Loved One is recorded at Lotte’s state of the art studio in Shoreditch and is available on Vinyl or a ‘Vinyl look’ CD (with mp3 download) and will be delivered to you for your special occasion.

• The Acoustic package costs £375 and the Platinum package starts at £865. Fully bespoke packages are available on request.

• Watch the Ridley Scott short film here